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Mystery cases

Red Case for £105 on order will report back with the contents later in the week, all the unpredictability surrounding the algorithm is clearly not enough for my risk appetite


Alternatively Buy Wine - By Type - Mixed cases

This will also show other releases that might have escaped your attention.

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Thanks all, really helpful. I’ve been a member more than ten years and never known there were so many mixed cases offered, mystery or otherwise…


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This forum is dangerous. Expressly designed to increase purchases :rofl:


Nope… Mystery cases now shown as all sold out. I can see why they are called ‘mystery’

My £85 box arrived today, pretty disappointing. Maybe a 15% discount on normal list price, I’d say not really enough to make up for the lack of choice.

My £105 case of 12 reds what’s peoples thoughts? I’m quite happy.


I’ve just put one of those into reserves pro tem. I’m hoping for something a bit more interesting…

Yes a bit too much French wine I’d say, was hoping for something unusual. Although I like most of the wines they’ve chosen so can’t moan!!

Mine is due in at 3. Will report back when suitably perused :sunglasses:

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I have received a £85 and £105 case this week. Both are good and represent a circa 20% discount to list. I like the variety and as said previously rarely have a dud. These feel like the £75 and £95 cases sold last year so the discount margin has reduced but hey still a good deal. I do have to learn to pass occasionally on these boxes - the pleasure is of course partly not knowing what is inside when it arrives.


At these sorts of price points French is what TWS shifts so most likely to have damaged labels et cetera, it’s a pretty good range, although I am/would be a little frustrated by the doubling up on a couple of them.


Good point , the handlers of Jaume CD-R and Ch Thieuley seem to be the clumsiest :grin:


I suppose I will join in with the general ‘mehness’ of the Mystery Case I just received (several bottles of ‘Claret’, the vinous equivalent of the travelling salesman 1.8 saloon model), but I am minded of what @MarkC said quite a bit earlier on this thread - I took a gamble, from which I received £10 more wine than I paid for, but on the three previous occasions I have been significantly up on the deal - in one instance I received double the value of the case - so all-in-all I’m still considerably up on the deal.


The current crop of mystery cases seem to be the equivalent of a fleet of Ford Mondeos, sound, unexciting and at a modest discount to marked price. Pays your money etc…


Very similar to mine that arrived this afternoon. Good value and some wines I’ve yet to try along with some steady favourites

2 x Domaine Jaume CdR, 2019
1 x Exhibition Fleurie, 2019
1 x Allegrini Valpolicella, 2019
1 x Exhibition Vacqueyras, 2018
1 x Château Monconseil Gazin, CdB 2018
1 x Château de Pitray, CdB, 2016
1 x Château Haut-Monplaisir, Malbec, 2018
1 x Château Chene Vieux, StEmil, 2016
1 x Crasto, Douro, 2018
1 x La Ciboise, Chapoutier, 2019
1 x Chateau Argadens, 2016

Few stained French labels as @strawpig suggested but happy with the selection to accompany the rugby this weekend. At this price it was never going to be anything too earth shattering but happy with the selection :wine_glass:


Me: Eugh! Two bottles of Domaine Jaume in a mixed case!
Also me: buys Donaine Jaume in 5l box


Well, it’s hardly surprising that 2 meagre bottles would be disappointing to someone used to 5l.


What have people been getting in their £85 red cases?

Mine arrives tomorrow, am looking forward to finding out! :slightly_smiling_face: