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Mystery cases

|I’ve enjoyed all three of the Crasto Portuguese reds that TWS listed. The only one now is the basic at £9.95 which is in your box. I’ve bought more of them, and if I’d seen one with a stained label discounted in the bin-end section I wouldn’t have hesitated.

Crasto have old vineyards high on the banks of the Douro planted with maybe 45 different varieties, many of which they don’t know the names of. So, field blends co-fermented , lively and delicious. Enjoy.


I’m also surprised as this was an EP release and I haven’t seen it on general sale. I wonder if it was a customer return?
Very nice it is too :+1:

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Looks like a very good selection. With the exception of the Sancerre. It’s the only wine I’ve returned to the wine society as being very poor.


My [£75] red selection. I see what they mean now about some labels may be a little tatty…

and a quintet of TWS wines

Not quite as exciting as others, but not too bad for £6 a bottle.


So ok, two questions then :grinning: ;

The TWS drink dates are out to 2027, do you think it’s probably worth keeping a year or two (ie, is it a little ‘big’ and in need of relaxing at the minute?) .

And if I do open it sooner rather than later, what would you recommend eating with it?


Congrats @Tannatastic, I think you’ve hit the jackpot there - what a great selection. Mine had a similar variety of damaged labels, which is fine, but not the quality of bottles you have there. The Maby is a good wine as is the Crasto, and the others look lovely too. Enjoy!


Great selection @Boomergpl, let’s hope the £95 cases return again.


I must admit that I was very pleased with my selection (I really shouldn’t, but couldn’t help myself, and worked out that I received £239 worth of wine for £150)*.

It has to be said, we also thoroughly enjoyed our £95 case over the summer, having a lovely selection of wines. TWS Membership triumphs again!

*This saving has been completely blown out of the water by someone posting the Dalamara Xinomavro. :roll_eyes:


Tannatastic you have now irresponsibly raised my expectations for what I might receive next Friday!
I don’t think I mentioned that a few weeks ago there were a very small number of magnum mixed cases at a couple of price points. I couldn’t resist getting one for £102 containing two bottles, which turned out to be the society’s champagne and the Muga selection especiale 2010. Will do the job for a family celebration next year, where my intention is that we only drink wine from magna!


Perhaps I should claim a retrospective discount for the Beaucastel case I got with five stained labels from the bottle that broke? I did of course get a refund for that one. Fedex should of course be paying…


Sorry! :grin:

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I found the Pisano’s more integrated than Madiran, Yes they were tannic but not the blow your head off sort, so keep if you like for another couple of years but I would imagine this ones would be drinking quite nicely now at 9 years old. As for food… well a bit slab of beef of course :wink: :wink:


Mystery cases are available again. 11 at £75 each as of this morning.

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There were £105 mystery cases yesterday showing out of stock.

£95 ones in stock as well

I can’t see the £95 ( I got mine last week anyway)
£75 definitely available

11 cases for now

EDIT: no there aren’t, despite below. It appears to have filled my basket with the £75 one


Not the easiest to find on the website…and gone by the time you get there…are they publicised to a select few?

Strange. It should have gone down by one when I ordered one about ten minutes ago.

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I just searched mystery. The £75 is still there