Mystery cases

I’d have sent that back. It would surely make more sense to put the six bottles of PN on a discount without the mystery and let someone who wants them buy them!


How did you send it back? I’ve asked for a refund but they have said that is not offered on Mystery cases…

I requested via a contact form and they said yes. Maybe I was lucky.

there’s nothing on the page, or in the society’s promise page, that some wines do not qualify for a refund (apart from age etc).
I’d ask again, and ask them to point out where it says mystery cases are exempt.

The mature wines case had a written exclusion on the description.

you’re right! It did, specifically.

This one doesn’t.


another day, another box (eventually).

Interesting collection. The Beaujolais is in a ridiculously heavy bottle.


That’s pretty good!


Seconded. That’s cool. Lots of stuff I know nothing about or don’t look out for, but nothing I wouldn’t drink in the right occasion. That seems to fullfil perfectly the mystery case mission. (I put one in reserves to pull out before or after Christmas.)

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it does seem a nice wide spread of wine, including some I wouldn’t normally get.

Quite pleased with this one; mostly good reviews throughout.

Not exactly ‘mixed’ ! I think you can reasonably expect a replacement ?

Anyone going to take the plunge?

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I’m having my own mixed case delivered today or I would have!

The fact they’ve added

Should protect you from the multiples some people got last time.

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I did pretty well with the recent mixed mystery case.

So I’m taking a shot at this one too.

Cheers all…

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Yep, 12 bottles for just over £7 a bottle, what’s not to like! At best, it’ll be lovely, at worst we’re entering winter stew and gravy season!!


I’ve got to stop coming on here…I got 2 cases last time, even though the variety of the whites in both cases was dreadful, there’s something about mystery cases that gets me…I already don’t really have much space left, and this’ll mean probably enough 'till new year, but with the ‘guarantee’ of not too many duplicates and then the

There are some fascinating bottles here.

And as said £7/bottle, just couldn’t resist it. But last one till new year, it’ll have to be.


Yep, my “failure to resist” has just given me an "available slots vs inbound " storage dilemma, but hey ho, I’m sure I’ll be able to deal with it! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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And a case now heading my way.

Will be useful midweek drinkers / cellar defenders. Otherwise I’m going to be frittering away the ‘better’ bottles already in the winerack before they are properly ready.

Out of interest I did a search on TWS site filtered for: Red / Max £8 / In stock. Which returned around 40 hits, all were ok-ish.

My expectations are low but that’s fine, won’t do any harm to recalibrate my palate to more reasonable priced wines. Should be here tomorrow and will post a pic.


And… 27 hours later here they are in all their glory, a very decent collection IMHO especially for an average of £7.08 ea. The Fleurie is 2017 so might be on the wane, Brouilly is 2018 - but I like older BJL so that’s fine my me.

Sadly for those who procrastinated, the case is now OOS.


Good haul that sir …!!

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