Mystery cases

Mystery cases are infesting the showroom!

Loads of price points and differing contents but I decided on a £115 box for 6

Pretty pleased with my haul. Two I’m super happy with and very much looking forward to opening (eventually) and three I’ll be very pleased to try that I would definitely not have purchased. Only 1 bottle I’m not particularly excited about opening, but that’s just my tastes rather than anything actually quality related. Who knows what it might be like (or my taste buds might be like) in another 8/10 years.


Hmm… A good guessing game. The Zinfandel?

But yes, agree that’s a good haul overall.

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Got it in one. Apart from the very expensive examples I’ve tried that have had a bit of age on them, I’ve not found an example I enjoy yet, even with low & slow, sticky BBQ food.

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One thing that might be worth a try is to lightly chill zinfandel. Something i discovered by accident, but it tones down any jamminess while allowing the underlying acidity to be more prominent - works particularly well for summer BBQs.

I keep a box of wine in the fridge for the odd glass when i dont want to open a bottle, and the current box is a Cali Zinfandel :+1:


I went for the standard Tondonia case (my benchmark red wine, can’t have too much) and got Tinto 2010, Blanco 2011 and the Cubillo. Seems like the basic deal but one of the few ways to procure a bottle of Tondonia Blanco Reserva these days.


There were a handful of cases at the showroom yesterday.

Mystery £99 red case picked up at the showroom this 22th. I’m pretty happy! A 2018 hermitage and an 2015 ardanza, 2010 ch. Citran. The others are unknown to me but looking forward to them once miserable January is done.


I’d be delighted with that for £99!


Another £99 mystery Red box picked up on Tuesday in passing. A few new things to try, including the Bonsai Kadarka which will be an altogether new experience.


The Sicamor Crozes should be good - would love to get that in a mystery case.

Slightly (read:very!) annoyed that they’re back to showroom only, but you’ve both scored excellent hauls!


Here here …!!



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Agreed, it’s undemocratic and favours those who happen to be passing. In fairness however I should point out there were only a handful of the high-end cases, so would have caused a kerfuffle on the website. And red only.

I shall try not to enjoy the contents. :slight_smile: too much.

There were some ‘2x3’ cases which were apparently exactly as you might expect, 3 x two bottles each - I don’t know how they turned out or if there were any whites inside…

I also picked up a couple of posh bottles from the fine-wine cave - £38 and £30. They await the end of Miserable January.


The £99/6 mystery cases are the sweet spot for me. I hope they put them back on the website at some point.


I hope TWS continue mystery cases on the website. Not all of us long-standing customers can stop off at Stevenage.


There was a debate about this some time back on here, and I think that the verdict was very much aligned to your view (and mine).


I think almost everyone would probably agree - especially given that members who have access to Stevenage can still easily order them online.

I’m guessing it’s a matter of volume though: easy to shift a dozen half cases in the showroom but probably not worth putting them online until there’s enough to sell??

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Yes, there were a few in the showroom as part of the Christmas set up there. These are probably the remnants of that.

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They’re back online…

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Thanks for that but how on earth did you spot them? They don’t appear on the main menu under Mixed Cases or Clearance.

Don’t think I’ll be going for either, though. One is a bit too much for me to take a chance on, and my limited experience of the cheaper cases hasn’t been great.