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Mystery cases

Fairly new here, and trying to navigate lockdown options. I was looking at the mystery cases but couldn’t understand the options. There seems to be £75, £95 and a fine wine option at about 4* the price.

I get the fine wine pricing. I have no issue spending that on a half case, but I am not so comfortable I would gamble on unknowns…

The 12 bottle options though, are they the same thing, or is the slightly more expensive one likely to feature slightly pricier bottles? Descriptions are identical.

I am happy to take a punt, and I drink all colours and styles, but my average spend is a bit higher than those so I we wondering what the experience of others had been.

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The clear consensus is never, under any circumstances, buy a mystery case.


Boo hiss, I think they’re fun.


I once did very well from a fine wine mystery case from TWS, which appeared on the bin ends list further discounted (I assumed it had been found in the warehouse premixed). Think I paid £75 or £85 around 2013 and got six fantastic wines, including Joseph Swan Russian River Pinot, Pavie-Macquin 2000 and a red burgundy I forget, a Mersault Generveries from a good producer (forget which), a Wachau Reisling and another white I forget. Must have been £200 worth at the time of taking delivery.

Probably best not to roll the dice twice…


What if one were really bored? Acceptable then?


I think the £95 case represents a reasonable, low-risk punt. Certainly adds a certain frisson to mid-week.

I think with the fine wine case you run the risk of unwanted vintages and (dare I say it) ‘duds’ that might be hanging round the warehouse too long.

Certainly while mixed cases aren’t an option one of these would relieve your boredom @Lewis


We just bought the £95 one…

Basically a compromise, as I wanted to try the Portuguese fizz that was recommended on here, my other half wasn’t convinced. And we couldn’t agree, but did agree that we wanted to branch out a little.

Delivery isn’t for another 2 weeks anyway, so plenty of time to wallow in regret.


I think these could be pretty good. Show room is closed and I’d imagine there were a few cancelled orders that needed redirection. I’m optimistic. Delivery booked for late May, the anticipation will provide levels of excitement not seen for months.


Am I right in thinking £75 would be the same, but only the most entry level bottles?

May take a punt on the £95. Half what I usually spend on a case so if even a few are decent I will consider it a win. I would love to find some sub £10 bottles for entertaining and I guess it is a good way to gain some exposure to the ws range.

The only other cases that tempt me at the moment are one of the S.A. Ones and the big new world one.

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Yeah, I like the look of the New World Giants case too. I’m still doing ok for choice so don’t think I need it right now (sooo much else that’s tempting), but you never know.

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Well they sold out quickly anyway…!

I was gonna grab one of the cheaper ones, but then someone needed help with their Parts Of A Plant Activity Sheet, and when I got back, they were all gone except the posh ones.

Oh well, back to the Members’ Favourites cases…


The website now allows you to add single bottles to your shopping basket again! :clinking_glasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I have 18 going through now.


I hope you made it. Back to full cases again. Didn’t manage to complete an order

Without some indication of the likely % saving - ‘some may have damaged labels and some may need drinking up sooner rather than later’ - I think it’s too much of a risk.

Seems all the mystery mixed cases have gone anyway apart from the fine wines.

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I’ve had a similar (but far less exciting than Parts of a Plant - I was on a call about Computerised Maintenance Management Systems!) experience.

I am still pondering the roulette of a mixed fine wine bin ends case.

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That’s great news, however slightly annoying for me as I ordered two 6 packs yesterday as my resolve had weakened. Now I really need to resist a top up mixed case!

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And I’ve done it, especially as the value of the case was less than the amount of TWS credit I currently have. Fools errand? Possibly, a fun one though!

Worst case it gives me plenty of options for @Leah’s suggested “Fine wine or vinegar” game!


Might be worth contacting customer services if you want to change it; with these changed times it’s quite possible it hasn’t been picked yet?