Mystery Case

My first ever one cost £89, keen to get the views of others in this selection as feeling underwhelmed?

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Seems a reasonable selection to me at first glance, but not a bargain - have you checked the prices?

I would be a bit suspicious of a palomino called “Wonder Horse” with that label. Looks on a par with a £5.99 supermarket brand, but no doubt someone out there will have tried it and give an informed opinion.

At my age, I only enjoy surprises when I know the outcome.

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Yes checked the prices and really only saving a max of £10 for all 6

@Wayne-2F4EE, assuming that the Serge Laloue is a Pinot Noir, it’s worth it, just for that. A really delicious wine or at least the 2017 was. I don’t recall seeing the 2019 being offered, a better vintage, so you’re definitely quids in. I am very jealous, as I have been keeping an eye out for further offerings of this wine but without any luck. Hope that you find it as enjoyable as I did.

Edit: The 2017 was listed at £18.50 and Vivino suggests £24.50, for the 2019, which has very good reviews. Sounds like you have a good deal. Actually, it was £21.95, for purchasing two or more, which I have promptly just done. Also added some of the 2020, too. Thanks for posting, as I would otherwise have failed to discover this offer. As others often say, perusing this forum often proves to be a bank balance depleting experience.


Do you drink those styles usually? Or are you familiar with all the grapes? If not then for me it’s worth it. I use the mystery cases to get something different that I may not always try. However if they are your typical wines then there is always the ability to use the promise and send them back.



For me, these mystery cases are an opportunity to try wines one might never have considered. For instance: That Palomino… the press reviewer’s like it, would be interesting maybe?

If it’s not to your liking, then phone member’s services. I did that with a, unopened bottle of cloudy / murky natural wine from a mystery case. Turns out it was supposed to be like that!

The higher price mystery cases (£120 ish?) are usually very good, when they come around.


I can see why you might be underwhelmed but that is partly because for me, there is probably only one wine there I’d choose to buy, so 10% discount is a bit light when I don’t know what I’m getting.

On the other hand I think people say it’s a chance to try wines not normally on the radar, a kind of lucky dip, and nice surprises might result. I guess it comes down to whether you see the value/benefit in that.

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I’ve had the Wonder Horse Palomino and it was fine, but unremarkable for £14.50. But then I’m of the opinion that Palomino is usually best made into sherry.
Haven’t had any of the others, but they all look interesting enough to me - just depends what you like I guess.

Exactly how I view mystery cases: lucky dips where the value is underwritten by the Society i.e. at worst, I’ll receive what I paid.

I have sufficient cellar defenders for next year, matching my rather sedate consumption rate (1-2 bottles a month) . My main focus will be picking up the odd bottle(s) for the Harry Potter room [under the stairs where Chrimbo decorations reside - taking up valuable real estate].

I may dip into a mystery case next year, to top up my cellar defenders because I am somewhat conservative with my palate, enjoy the odd small stakes gamble, and like the idea of drinking wines that I wouldn’t normally choose.

Would prefer to plump for a slightly more expensive mixed mystery case - 3 white and red re: £105 or £125 (unsure of price points).


I’ve also tried the Wonder Horse and thought it ordinary (and now reduced to £12.95). Palomino can make excellent still wine - like this one - but WH is pale and uninteresting.

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Love the idea of a Harry Potter room for wine. What goes in there? The really magical ones?