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Mystery Case Offerings


The Society used to do these to clear bin ends I presume. Had a few gems.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen them offered for a few years. Are they a thing of the past?


They are, for the moment, a thing of the past I’m afraid.

There are still plenty of bin-end opportunities - either from the Showroom (though you need to collect these), the very popular fine wine ‘small lots’ and bin ends, or the occasional email offers as were sent out a few weeks ago with a selection of red/white/rose

Were you a regular buyer of those mystery cases? I have to say that as a more adventurous drinker I love the idea personally, but I can see the pitfalls of convincing members they will get value, and the cost of putting together hundreds of varied but ‘fair’ cases together in the warehouse


Yes I can see the complexity and expense of putting them together although I used to enjoy the surprises…you mention the fine wine ‘small lots’ - not sure where they can be found on the website.


Here you go, it was on an email about a month ago but very useful if looking for a list of low stock fine wine:


Useful if you got it, and pretty rubbish if you didn’t, don’t you agree?


I’m not sure how local to Stevenage you are, but I noticed today that a number of these low stock wines seem to find themselves out on display in the showroom.

It can prove to be a costly side effect of popping in to pick up an order rather than waiting for delivery! :flushed:


Not too local. I live in Guernsey!

Have visited the showroom once a few years back and I remember they had a number of bin ends.