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Mysterious in-outs


I notice that sometimes certain wines become ‘sold out’ only to re-surface later here at TWS. A good example of this is Les Fiefs de Lagrange Saint-Julien 2010. How come it appeared on sale again tonight, after months of being gone?

Perhaps a member of staff can advise?

I wish I could understand this practice: does it mean I have simply wasted several cases worth of storage for a year, if I can buy this wine now? If I knew it would be available at a later, ‘more convenient’ stage, I would not have been delaying drinking it, for sure.

Is this a way to ‘ration’ us into drinking less exciting wines ‘more evenly’, which is generally what we have to do when good ones ‘sell out’?

I hope I am wrong.



Same for Carteau Côtes Daugay 2008!

Can you please let me know when La Lagune will become convenient for ordering again please.


Good question! I’m on a mission to find out for you, Alexandra. :slight_smile:

While I wait for a better-informed answer, a couple of reasons I could think of that a wine might suddenly re-appear in stock are that a member has returned it because it’s not to their taste, or that a buyer might have had an opportunity to snap up a small parcel of bottles from somewhere. But if there’s extra information I can get for you, I will! :wine_glass:



So I’ve had a chat with some of the Merchandising team to ask about why some wines go in and out of stock, and the short answer is: there’s loads of reasons! It’s not an exact science, but here’s a few extra reasons for you:

  • The two reasons I mentioned above are correct. :slight_smile:
  • If a member has been storing wines in Reserves for many years and then passes away, in some instances if they are wines we think many members would like the opportunity to enjoy, we might buy some wines back. (We know they’ve been stored correctly)
  • We have so many wines in tiny quantities that having them all on sale at once would be a logistical nightmare for the warehouse and on the website. We just don’t currently have the resource to sell all the wines we have available at the same time, unfortunately!
  • So if we have a small quantity of a wine (often leftover after being featured in an offer/List), we might take it off sale and wait until it can be showcased in an appropriate offer in future, or when we get the opportunity to clear some space in the warehouse (when you might find lots of tiny parcels of wine appearing on the website).

So things do come in and out of stock, as offering this many wines to members isn’t an exact science, but in a way it gives more people a chance to enjoy them, and also gives us the chance to sell a wine at different levels of maturity.

If you want to know more about specific wines you can always ask Member Services and they’ll be happy to help. :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking such an interesting question! I hope this helped.


For similar reasons, it’d be great if we could set up alerts for terms like, say, “Barolo 2013” and be notified when new products were listed matching the terms.


Thanks Laura

I appreciate your effort in clarifying this. Apologies for my alarmist tone last night: I was a bit upset that I did not know some more of my long term favourites were coming, otherwise I would not have made certain recent purchases…

A totally mean character, such as myself, goes by the principle ‘not only must I succeed, but all others must fail’ lol. This is why I can only derive ‘complete pleasure’ from drinking a particular wine when I know that only I have it!


Haha, no need to apologise Alexandra and you don’t seem mean to me at all. :slight_smile: It’s perfectly understandable to be protective of your favourite wines! :smiley:

Now THIS is a genius idea. :clap: Another one for the ‘I love The Society’s website but’ topic, perhaps? Lots of suggestions about reminders/alerts on there.