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My TV has bust

I’m not a gamer but looked at for soon to be 10yr olds birthday. The aspect that appealed was not having to have a console - just use chrome cast to tv.

As with all these things…horses for courses.

I am stronger than i thought. I managed to remove the old TV.
I have purchased

My reason for doing that is that: I can set it up on my own. If i purchased anything larger I would need to buy a new piece of furniture and i would need to get someone to set it up. John Lewis are not doing that at the moment.
The only LG they sell at 32" is not full HD

Thanks for your help


My new TV is being delivered tomorrow by I managed to moved the old tv out on to the pavement out side my house several days ago . Now as expected its disappeared. Which is good news.
In our area Scrap metal merchants drive round abd take anything away any Household goods such fridge freezers washing machines and TVs.
However we are carefull about what we leave in the front garden .