My TV has bust

i need a new TV . Mine broke down after 12 years faithfull service. It was 30 inch a Toshiba.
I dont need a huge one I was thinking of getting a 32inch but would consider up to and including 43inch. I will be buying from John Lewis.
I am not in a great hurry . The Toshiba broke at the beginning of Lockdown and we havnt missed it . We have been using catch up service on our 24 inch computer monitor.
Any thoughts are welcome

When I clicked on this I was really expecting something quite different


We were in the same boat a few months ago. So unless you conclude that not having missed it you are not going to bother with a new one, try Which? We got one of the LG models and we are very pleased with it.

Sorry to hear about your TV! From the looks of John Lewis’ website, they have some more Toshiba TVs at a very reasonable price, (under £200!) which is good. Ours is a Samsung which has been going strong for 7 years with no complaints, so I can vouch for that too! There’s also this LG one which seems to have lots of really good reviews, one of which mentions it was also recommended by Which? magazine:

The good thing about John Lewis is you get a 5-year guarantee which I always find very comforting. :slight_smile:

Edit: Haha, @JayKay I didn’t see your comment before I posted - good to see another vote for LG!


Be careful though - a change from 30 inch to a 42 inch screen will be enormous. Think about how large you want it and check the actual dimensions.


Very true. But in the timeframe since @BENEDICTNASH bought his last model, the size of the surrounding bezel needed has been shrunk right down, which will go some way towards mitigating that.

A couple of other points. The “smart” part of televisions has come on a long way over the last ten years. Also, the weak point of most flat screen televisions is the sound quality. It goes with the shape. If it bothers you (and it bothers me), consider getting a soundbar, or putting the sound through your hifi system.

I was looking at tv’s before lockdown, mainly out of curiosity as my 13 year-old Sony is still working fine. The most highly recommended makes seem to be Sony and LG, but at that time Tesco had some excellent deals on Toshiba.

Thanks Laura


We have a 55" Samsung 4K TV which TBH was “big” to begin with but it doesn’t seem so anymore. You’ll get used to whatever size you buy pretty quickly.

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I agree with the Ghost of Mr Tallis
The dimensions of a 43inc LG tv is H 62.2 width 97.3
The dimensions of my existing 30inch is H60 width 79

The Big difference is the weight my existing tv weights 20KG
the LG 9kg


Re: Sony TVs. The Android TV operating system on many Sony models is very good in my opinion.


I bought an LG just before Christmas - very pleased

would echo the comment on sound quality…cheap TVs may have good screens but the speakers normally lack…perhaps use an auxiliary surround sound system or pay for better tv

and as @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis commented - older tvs had a massive bezel compared to modern…our old 32 Inch model had virtually the same area as our new 40 inch

also - make sure it has the “smart” elements you require - Netflix, amazon etc

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Anything from LG, Panasonic, Samsung or Sony and you wont go far wrong.

There’s very little advancement that has been made in the last year so buying a new but very slightly older model can work out well. Richer Sounds are great for that but they also stock the latest models too.


I’d go Panasonic. I bought a 37 inch Panasonic 12 years ago and it’s still going strong. Worth paying a bit extra for, I reckon


We have decided to leave it till the end of lockdown . We have managed since end of March with out a telly so we can manage some more. To get a new Telly i would have to move the old one . It weights 20kg and i know i put it there but i am not sure i can move it now. So will wait. But i will remember all your advice and Thankyou.


my last was a Panasonic…12 years 6 months :wink:


I would also suggest buying an LG TV and consider buying a sound bar to improve the sound quality


Like many others, couldn’t agree more RE the soundbar. It’s not a massive investment and it makes such a difference.

It’s strange how I’m only noticing this now! Our TV is only about 7/8 years old, and the bezel is about 1cm wide…which seems MASSIVE in comparison to more recent models!

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get a new TV, but even more so now the Playstation 5 is coming at the end of the year! :rofl:


not often men boast how small !

Playstation…what about Stadia ?!


I’ve not looked in to Stadia that much to be honest, but it does look quite impressive. I’ve always been a bit single minded when it comes to consoles, and I’ve never had a PC powerful enough to run anything that big.

Would you say it’s worth looking in to a bit more?