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My Bargain of the Year


This unassuming label belongs to my bargain of the last twelve months.
By chance when driving the Haro - Laguardia road in October I saw the sign to the winery and the name rang a bell, Decanter had mentioned it last year ina Rioja piece as good value, having purchased my “goodies” I was looking for a cheap and cheerful Rioja to take home for everyday drinking.
A pretty standard winery greeted me and the family owners provided mum to give us a tasting in the barrel room, I had no idea what was what and asked for the reserva to start, little realising it was their top wine, anyway to cut a story short I left with a 12 case at the grand price of 6.30 euros a bottle !
It is a modern style Rioja, very dark colour and deep fruit flavours but with more acidity than you usually get with a reserva and good with food, sadly only a couple of bottles left, as always in these situations one thinks back and convinces oneself another couple of cases could have been squeezed in the boot, how it is so cheap and so good is a mystery, the standard crianza though standard in quality was the grand total of 2,70 euros a bottle, ridiculous.
This is one for Ricard I think or any Spanish wine lover.


Always good to here of finds like this :wink:


Sadly all gone now, last bottle last night, bugger !