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Mustard and dill sauce too sweet - help!

We are having a rather lazy starter this evening of shop bought gravad lax which comes with a sachet of mustard and dill sauce. It is impossibly sweet and rather than throw it away I thought I might tone it down to something edible and wine friendly.

I have added some yoghurt and it is still too sweet. Before I give up is there anything else I could try? I realise that this is a dangerous question given the gourmands in this Community who no doubt shiver at the thought of buying gravad lax let alone using the industrial fluid that comes with it claiming to be mustard and dill sauce! Usually I would make my own lax and sauce but occasionally I succumb to shop bought. Anyway, any suggestions gratefully received.

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Alsace Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris work well.

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Hmm, I normally use mayonnaise and mustard for the sauce base, so maybe use mayo to mix in?

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I know the type of ‘sachet’ you mean, as have succumbed to it myself on more than one occasion! I would suggest adding a squeeze of lemon too, perhaps? It might reduce the perception of sweetness a little.

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Thank you @robertd and @Inbar. A bit of both your suggestions has certainly helped and it may almost pass muster. We shall use with caution to dress a few leaves and see how it goes😃


I am assuming I drink that rather than pour it in the sauce😉 Or just ditch the sauce and drink the wine, probably a far better option.

Probably too late now but you could also try a few drops of white wine vinegar and a small pinch of salt. A good solution if you make a sauce that becomes too creamy/sweet.


No we are quite late so will experiment further thanks!

If its good I can always pop down the road and join you now we are allowed ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I’d go with the salt and vinegar suggestions…perhaps a bit more mustard/mayo too…it just needs diluted.

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Happy to report that having thrown the kitchen sink at the oversweet confection, we achieved a dressing that was definitely edible! Yoghurt, mayo, white wine vinegar and a little salt all contributed to a sauce that complemented rather than ruined the dish. Thank you one and all!