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Music Memories

I will confess that I am not a musical person, probably the least aware in the UK.
I rarely play music at home, except maybe very late on a Saturday night when I might give some Led Zep (Celebration Day), a run out.
As a teenager, our local dance hall was the Afan Lido, and on Saturday night there would be an unrelenting stream of live bands booked to entertain us.
This morning, out of the blue a band popped into my consciousness from my spotty youth.
Their name, The Joyce Bond Show comprising black musicians and singers, regaling us with the latest Tamla Motown or Atlantic hits. They were very good and under appreciated by their audience who were more interested in the beer and the girls!! :clap: :+1: :wink:
I think that they were from the Midlands, our better local bands like Eyes of Blue deigned rarely to demonstrate their talents.
I am sure that other members had sneekpeeks of smalltown, talented bands that went onto bigger and better things. :dragon:


Not so much small town bands that became famous but small town venue that hosted phenomenal bands. I had the good fortune to be at Lancaster Uni between 1981 and 1984. I had no idea that it’s Great Hall was a legendary venue for rock bands and singers but wow was I lucky.

I saw Tina Turner, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Boomtown Rats, Joan Armatrading. And those are the ones that stick in the memory - there were more. Earlier students fared even better. Apparently it all came to an end the year after I left - not my fault!


December 1989, very early in the evolution of what became known as ‘grunge’, myself and a couple of mates bought tickets to see one of my current favourite bands, an extremely loud and rawkous band called Mudhoney play at the Astoria in London.

There were two bands supporting, one I knew a bit, called TAD (possibly even louder, and definitely heavier than Mudhoney). Third on the bill were a band I’d only heard one (to my mind relatively incosequential) song by, and frankly wasn’t especially interested in.

Fortunately we arrived good and early and were consequently down the front to see Nirvana completely tear the place apart, complete with instrument-smashing finale. It was obvious they were destined for far bigger things


1992, ‘Lush’ at Roxanne club in Tel Aviv (named after The Police song). It was mind-blowing… I couldn’t speak for hours afterwards. I knew I wanted to move to England there and then.

Dad had to pick me up after, so not very Rock ‘n’ Roll. Still, I made it here…


The UEA in Norwich used to have a fantastic booker and a lot of people who later found huge success played their LCR & Waterfront venues. Similarly with the smaller Arts Centre, The Wilde Club booked a then largely unknown Nirvana. Wish I was a few years older and could have gone.

Toots & The Maytals has to be one of the best gigs I’ve seen at the UEA LCR. And a very aged Burning Spear at the Paradiso Amsterdam sometime in the mid 00’s.


My god, I’m jealous!

I remember watching Nirvana for the first time on TV, in my favourite Tel Aviv record shop (not sure what programme it was), when I should have been at school. I remember thinking the same as you - ‘whoa! who are they? they are clearly going to be BIG!’. Them were the days.


I’v got to say it was quite something. I was & still am a massive music fan, and used to go to quite a few gigs, but that one really stood out.


Oh, I can well imagine!

I was the only person in my town to read Melody Maker back in the 90’s - I was so envious of people going to gigs in what always sounded like amazing venues, seeing all the bands I could only read about… talk about being born in the wrong place… :slight_smile:

I often tell myself that I came to England to study English Lit, but maybe that was my cover story, and really, I came here for the gigs.


Lush ! I saw them a couple of times myself, er, had a bit of a crush for Miki though, excuse me whilst I gaze at my shoes :star_struck:

This might seem far fetched but AC/DC did play at my local youth drop-in centre in Watford back in 1976(?). I was still at school at the time but some of my slightly older friends were there. They’d just been signed by Atlantic in the UK. The gig was a warm-up for a couple of showcase gigs at The Marquee in Wardour Street a day or two later. Needless to say they went on to greater things !

About a year after, when I was 15, at the same place, I was lucky enough to catch British reggae legends Misty In Roots and, stalwarts of the free festival scene, the Here and Now Band, it was mind blowing. I may have had a contact high from the exotic aromas permeating the place though !


Misty & Roots are a class act.

I used to like a bit shoe-gazey stuff myself, especially the more er, ‘psychedelic’ end (Spacemen 3 , Loop etc).

Also living near Oxford, Ride were quite a big deal. One of them literally went out with the girl next door at one point, and I still have an original copy of their demo tape.


Yeah me too, I still play their records to this day. Isn’t Anything and the EP’s My Bloody Valentine released around that time too.


Biggest boast is this:

Also caught Guns and Roses before they were famous at Donnington when 16 years old. Arthur Lee and Love at Glastonbury 2003. Saw the late Ronnie Scott and George Melly in the 90’s too.

Lots and lots of raves and dance clubs, which are hazy in the memory (wonder why? :wink:)


I have most of MbV’s catalogue on vinyl.

The Pixies’ first 3 records & the ‘You Made Me Realise’ EP are what finally fully converted me from metal & hardcore to Indie.

The early MbV stuff is worth quite a bit now.


We have very similar tastes. Pixies were massive, make that Gigantic, for me as well :wink:

You’re right too about how collectible some of those records have become. Hmm, and a fact I should probably mention in my will !


I almost went to Lancaster to read History in 77 or 78 …looked a great uni when I visited

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I’ve been trying to get my wife to understand that my record collection is genuinely my single most valuable asset. Admittedly realising the full value would be a job in itself, but should I pop off unexpectedly it would certainly top up the life insurance - if she was prepared to put in some effort!


I really should catalogue mine too. Er, as for the wine in reserves, I should probably get in touch with TWS to let them know my thoughts !


My sister still owns a piece of paper where I scribbled an oath to ‘marry Mark Gardener if I ever find him’. Thankfully*, I didn’t.

  • For him.

I have no idea who any of you are talking about … :wink::joy::joy: ( except of course Nirvana) .


Come on Pilgrim… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: