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Museum Release


Heads up on ready to drink bottles with a touch of age.

Is this sort of thing less interesting given the proliferation of wine exchange sites and peer to peer buying (BBX et al)? Has TWS missed the boat and only tying up cash with more stock to hold? Or are these sorts of releases more interesting than ever as more and more people get into fine wine and tempted into buying EP blind? Discuss.

As for myself, I dare not look lest I find something :see_no_evil:


I much prefer this sort of offer to the likes of BBX: an electic choice of wines you can buy by single bottle with perfect provenance, and at a very fair cost compared to some of the crazy brokerage prices. Not sure who else offers that sort of thing across a broad range of budgets - but happy to be proved wrong.

Personally I don’t think they’ll have too much difficulty shifting these 2015 ‘museum’ releases.


Given the speed at which some of the wines have sold out, I’d imagine it’s already a success (Clos de Caillou? Lacoste-Borie? Ridge Estate Cab Sav?).

I also think it’s nice to be able to buy wines with some age by the bottle, rather than the case. I also also think that the merchants setting the price (especially if it’s TWS) rather than people hoping to make a few quid definitely favours the drinker rather than the investor.


I like this idea - good provenance wines from a particular vintage catering for all tastes and wallets, and you can easily make a case/s of same-vintage wines. I’m thoroughly and happily biased with this particular one though as 2015 is a year I’m always on the hunt for. I want 2012 & 2013 next :~}


Thanks for posting. A case of Franschhoek’s delights winging its way to reserves… (after negotiating the flakey payment system).

If only they’d also had some of their Syrah, I would have been quite beside myself with excitement!


After spending the last year checking the website every other day for the Selvapiana Bucerchiale release, I find it has been and gone in a matter of minutes !!!
You win some you lose some I guess…

I was quite bemused by the name. What’s Museum got to do with it? 2015 isn’t that old!


Practically a baby by Bordeaux standards!

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Terrible name choice. Great initiative.


I think terrible is a bit strong. I think Library Release would have been more appropriate, but yes it’s a great initiative.


What about ‘Super Amazingly Brilliant Vintage Release’?

You’re welcome TWS!

Always thought I could make it in Marketing


Good idea - but which wines would go under “Fiction”"?

(One or two in the forthcoming Dönnhoff and Prüm offer I suspect)


The problem is that most other industries would call it a “vintage” release.

Maybe they should go the other way and call them “The Cellar Sessions” or something.


Very tempting and quite a few fairly priced wines that look good for tucking into now. Just hope there’s some left when I place my next order. Must stay disciplined !


Must say I don’t see that a back stock of wine has much to do with a museum, so I err towards @NW3Andre’s description. Since when can you buy from a museum (and I don’t mean post cards & facsimiles from the gift shop)? And if a library, aren’t you meant to return what you have borrowed - or maybe that’s the empties?! Just a few years back the WS would have called this offer something along the lines of 2015 Vintage Release, which to me seems fairly descriptive, but presumably too prosaic for current marketing thinking?
I agree that what’s up for grabs in the offer is great, and think it’s one of the strong points of TWS that they can store and release older wines in a cohesive way such as this, at good prices.


Agree the name is a bit of a stretch. Museum implies something with a little more antiquity and historical significance.

However, it’s a great selection at a wide range of prices and with enough volume (at least in certain lines) to make it widely accessible. I will almost certainly dip into the lower reaches for half a case to drink this autumn.

Well done TWS :clap: :clap: :clap:


Agree - regardless of silly names, for me this is one of the unique benefits of membership.

Most of the Rhone wines included in this offer are cheaper than cellar door prices let alone wider retailer ones, and that’s with several years’ bottle ageing. It could be that they were much cheaper when they were first released, but being able to ‘retain’ that saving several years later for members is a great perk in itself.

Hope there’s also 2016 southern Rhone stash coming our way at some point - that’ll be something to get really excited about.


Hi all

I’m really enjoying the comments on our Museum Release wines.

I wanted to give some background on the name. The name “Museum Release” came after quite a lot of discussions (aka friendly arguments!). It’s actually a term used elsewhere – often in Australia – for this very purpose. We decided we couldn’t better it.

Previously these wines were known internally as “Keeping Stock” – wines bought specifically to mature in Stevenage and release ready for drinking. It’s something The Wine Society has done for some time, and on an incredible scale, but that could be missed by the members who might enjoy it most. The aim of giving these wines a new name and branding was to help members spot releases of these wonderful wines when we make them. This is the first of those, but more will be planned.

I hope you enjoy the wines, even if you don’t enjoy the name. :crossed_fingers::wine_glass:


So why not call it ‘kept stock’ when you release? Museum is just marketing language (and doesn’t give the right information about what they are).

They are welcome to my empties! I suggested library because it is already in use with reference to wine (I guess like the Australian term Museum):


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