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Musarathon in London - Early October


So I’m looking to organise a “Musarathon” in London in early October.
I’ve found a restaurant that is ideally suited to out-of-towners, being a stone’s throw from Finsbury Park station - https://www.purecyprus.net/ - I’ve spoken to the owner, Elias, and he’s agreed a £15/head corkage fee. I tend to find that Mediterranean food (particularly the starters) make a great combination with Musar (although I think a couple of other Lebanese wines would be permitted!).
Thinking of a weekday evening - probably Tue/Wed or Thu - kicking off at about 7pm.
Who’s up for it?
Dates good for me would be October 2,3,4,9,10,11th

Chateau Musar, advice

Unfortunately it’s a little far for me to come!


It is a long way! Maybe if you ever come
down to visit London, we can organise something?


Well I do actually come down to Redhill (by Gatwick) every year for two months from middle of October to middle December so this year I should be arriving 18th October and will be a bit busy for that first week. So it doesn’t quite fit with your plans. I’m also a veggie which can be a little difficult though I do see they do at least have a veggie moussaka on the menu!


“Just” a veggie is pretty good these days - and the white Musar in particular is best with non-meat dishes.
I am away then, but let us know when you’re next in town.


Essentially I’m always down in Redhill for that period every year. It’s very rare I’m in the neighbourhood at any other time.


So not a lot of interest here, it would seem, so I’ll open this up to other friends and wine-fans :wink:


I think it’s the fact that many of us are not Londoners, and commuting into London isn’t a viable option, rather than a lack of interest (and I’m in Brighton, so closer than many on this forum - but it’s still a pain in the backside to commute into London sometimes…! :grimacing:).


Sure - I was wondering if many come from Stevenage (dead easy to FPK) but why should they?! :wink:


I’m dead keen on this. Unfortunately won’t be able to make it this time. I would definitely be keen to do this at another time.


@thewinelake I’m interested and occasionally go to early evening events in London, but I usually have to be leaving by 20.30 for a train that’ll mean I’m home half an hour before midnight! So, while I’d love to join you (and it’s a great idea), the timing doesn’t quite work for me.
Thanks for posting the opportunity though. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a no go because of the trains (times and expense) for me too I’m afraid.

Shame as it would be a fantastic dinner, I do hope you get enough people to make it happen.


I’d be well up for something like this, but sadly Yeovil to London and back on a weeknight just doesn’t work with my life at the moment … or very very rarely anyway.


Herbster thought you’d like to know the little wine shop in Wincanton usually sells several mature half bottles of Musar as well as the cheap version (red and white).


Thanks for the tip! Sounds worth a trip between the school runs :+1:


I would definitely be interested, unfortunately October is pretty tricky as on holiday through the middle of the month!