Musar Mayhem!

Well the auction musars didn’t realise much above starting

I wonder what this wine really is?!

At that price I think the picture and description will be correct - Musar Jeune - but it’s a sure fire way of creating problems with your customers. If they know their Musar they’ll be quick to snatch up the Blanc at £15!

It could be the Jeune Blanc?

Possible but then everything is wrong! I’m trying to give them the credit that they got something right! :rofl:

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Interesting, I have actually bought a bottle of Musar Blanc from Selfridges as it was the cheapest retailer at the time - just looked at the invoice and it did have the correct pic (discounted to £26.99 from £31.99).

Maybe put up by someone who doesnt know the difference and reused the page? Although the description is all over the place!

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I’m opening my last 2006 this weekend when friends arrive. Will report back!


No great mystery (or deal I’m afraid): The blanc 2019 isn’t even released yet (available 7 years after harvest so almost certainly the ‘jeune’.

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That ship has sailed!……

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But is it red or white?!

Question about pricing - I bought a half case of the 2016 when it first came on the website, which was priced at £40/bottle. I’ve now noticed that they have reduced this to £33/bottle! (more in line with other retailers).

Am I likely to be able to get a credit for the difference? Feeling a bit hard done by…

Definitely worth a call or email to member services to find out.

I’m going mad… mixed up the vintages. £40 for the 2009! Oops, haven’t even had a glass tonight


Time to crack one of those 09s!!


I was going to say £40 for current is very steep! Although sadly it’s heading closer every year.

In a recent email Wine&Greene said a re-pricing is taking place at Musar in 2023 and prices are going up substantially.


Thanks for sharing the link, finally got round to purchasing 2 x 1998 and 2 x 2000 vintages to share at Christmas.

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Magnums of 2014 now available, low stock.,

Grab em while you can & thank me later.

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Too late!

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Wow that was fast. Thankfully I nabbed one.

UPDATE: nope, TWS has gone and cancelled it on me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: