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Musar Mayhem!

I’ve seen that in many wineries that hold ‘library’ stock. I can also say, from bitter experience, there is only one winner in a damp cellar, and it isn’t the labels ( though hats off to Marcarini and Batailley for producing labels that don’t disintegrate at the first sign of moisture!).


The Port houses on the river-front in Vila Nova de Gaia stencil their bottles for the ultimate level of moisture resilience; maybe something they to consider elsewhere in Europe given the recent flooding patterns around .Europe?


So mine’s got the NR35 2DQ postcode on it (which appears to be a field about 3mi NW of Bungay), but looks different to @MikeFranklin 's - different fonts & label text, and I guess that’s some sort of batch code?

These ones came from Majestic.

Based on this, I wouldn’t say Sherlock Holmes has much to worry about his job.


Of butter fame perchance? :smiley:

Is Musar all Chateau-bottled, or is is some tankered and bottled here? The back label seems unclear (I haven’t a front label to hand, nor British rules of bottling information).

I’d been led to believe it was all bottled in Lebanon, as the description of their process as explained to me was that it was bottled & cellared at Musar for 4 years, which is why the “current” vintage is always 7 years old.

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Ah ok - perhaps it’s simply the wines arrive in batches then, and there are inevitably some inconsistencies between print runs (or indeed slightly different requirements for different retailers?).

Front has “Mis en Bouteille au Château” as per above. The twist is that they are bottle aged in the UK, as far as I know (from a Musar tasting at CWM a few years back hosted by a member of the Hochar family).

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Oh! The N&P tasting I did said that it was bottle-aged at the Chateau!

Hey ho. I don’t really care which it is, but it would be nice to know so we didn’t have to guess…

Arrived today. Can’t wait to try one.


What we were told came with a fairly blunt explanation: storing the bottles in the UK is a form of insurance from the tragic turmoil of Lebanon’s troubles, which I’m afraid have not abated significantly in the decade or so since this point was made.

Perhaps a subtlety was lost? Clearly they are, somewhat famously, aged and released ‘by the chateau’ (rather than resellers), as opposed to ‘at’?


I believe that the wines are stored in bottle at the chateau in Lebanon until the initial release 7 years after the vintage (for the red wine). See Age Verification

After that, I would not be surprised if a significant quantity are then shipped to the UK and stored further until sold to the relevant retailer. For example, I suspect that the 2001 vintage bottles sold recently by Waitrose may well have been stored in the UK by Chateau Musar or its importer for many years before being sold to Waitrose.

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Returned from Spain Friday so had a 2001 Musar - first chance since reading the various recent comments.

Bottle was from Waitrose and was good - fresh and per @Rafa no sign of being on way out.

Treatment wise stood over night then opened in bottle for a couple of hours followed by about an hour in decanter

@MikeFranklin rear label is identical with your 2AN postcode one.

I think I have drunk 3 of 6 I got from Waitrose and all have been correct. Yet to broach any from WS

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I have read a great deal about the indifferent quality of Musar on opening. For my part I am still drinking ‘89 and haven’t yet touched ‘91 bought over 25 years ago. So far only one ‘flat’ wine the rest have been delightful - now quite pale with amazing flavours. I do keep my fingers crossed each time I open a bottle.


Opened a 2AN post code Musar 2001 from Waitrose on Monday and enjoyed over the next night.
Cork in good condition (removed with an Ah So), a lovely moreish wine, so easy to drink and with good acidity. In this particular case it did not seem on its way out. I am relieved as I have a few of these.