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Musar Mayhem!

Had a 2001 Musar in a break in Somerset recently, All good albeit I think it needed drinking and unlike many on here I didn’t open it a week before I was going to drink it. A couple of hours was plenty.


I have heard many reports of bad bottles - especially the ones from Waitrose stores.

The only bad bottle of Musar I have ever had was from Waitrose

They’re very good at replacing them in my experience. Not quite up to TWS standards, but they’ve never quibbled.

Like I’ve already said, it wasn’t a “bad” bottle .
Seems @AnaGramWords had similar.

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There’s bad and there’s bad, though. I’ve had bottles of the same vintage, some that have seemed on their last legs, others fresh as daisies. I’m not saying that your bottle was undrinkable but it may well be suffering from heat damage or some other form of premature oxidation.

Think I’ll have to open one right now!

Dipping in immediately, there is a kind of “burnt” and lean quality to the fruit in this bottle and a balsamic feel. I do associate both of these things with dying wine (I’ve seen it quite a lot in Chiantis)… It’s as though bitter oak and oxidation is dominating. However, with Musar it can play tricks with you and grow younger with air. Let’s see if it can do a Lazarus.
BTW, I suspect this is a Waitrose bottle.


No noticeable change in the hour or two afterwards, BTW.

I was wondering if anyone with disappointing 2001 is able to post a photo of the back label? In particular is it the old style (with the postcode of CMUK as TW12 2SA) or new (NR35 2AN)

I had a 2000 Musar recently that felt a little tired in a way that an also recent 1999 didn’t. Not actually tried a 2001 yet though I do have one from Waitrose and one from Gerrard Seel with, interestingly @thewinelake, different back labels on each. One with NR35 2AN and one with NR35 2DQ:

Note the different fonts used for “Red 2001.” I’m afraid I have no idea which came from whom!


Think one of those might be from Nigeria Mike. :smiley:


Mine is like this

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Interesting; that is radically different whereas mine are only marginally different! My 2000 also from Gerrard Seel is different again with only a very small back label and the TW12 postcode. I guess 3 different labels on the same vintage might suggest bottlings done at different times and consequently potential for significant variation?

OK! so today it’s tasting a LOT better. The fruit is rounding out and the balsamic element has gone. Possibly a little stewed,. but that’s not an issue for me. The finish isn’t so dry, and leaves a lingering perfume of dark berries and only a hint of cabbage…

Thanks for highlighting @Leah - really helpful. I only have a couple of 2001’s though will now make sure they are drunk in the next month or two.


Please give them a chance the next day if they’re not to your liking on opening.

Hi Nicola, just to say we did drink it over 2 days, slightly better on day 2 but still just tipping over that edge.


I just opened a bottle of the 2001 and it’s seems to be fine. This is the 3rd from the Waitrose offer about 6 months ago and no issues so far. Previous 2 bottles were fresh and enjoyable.


OK, that’s REALLY interesting - the TW12 2SA label doesn’t mention ABV on it, and it also a different URL!

I’m off down to check my 2001’s now!

Since they are “Mis en Bouteille au Chateau” and Musar generally ships their wine out of Lebanon for storage my guess would be it simply reflects when the bottles were labelled in the UK.

As I discovered, somewhat to my surprise, in the Drouhin cellars under the old city in Beaune, storing bottles ‘nude’ of any labelling seems perfectly commonplace.