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Musar Mayhem!

Ch Musar was a desert island wine for Phil Wang on this evening’s Instagram live.

Nyetimber and TWS Exhibition Rheingau completed his selection.


1986 undrinkable. Shame. 2005 saved the day!


Shame about the 1986.

Is the 2005 ready or does it need a few more years?

2005 is one of my favourites in that decade (probably #1). Haven’t had it for a couple of years, but suspect it’s entering its drinking window nicely now - especially if one can adapt to it (leave it a day if not showing well from the off).

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Where did you get the 1986 from? When they get to that kind of age, the lottery aspect increases - especially if not stored in prime conditions.


Yes, the auction lottery! I bought a lot of Musar at auction, Straker Chadwick, from 2004 to 2010 and stored since in my temperature controlled cellar. Vintages from 1981 (excellent) to late 90s. I’d say one in ten is undrinkable. Looking back through the invoices cost was usually around £20 per bottle. I always inspected before purchase. Since 2011 all sourced from TWS, including a 1979 still to drink. Fingers crossed…


Ready after an hour decant.

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Ah! 1979 is a cracker. I might have a couple of those left. It’s no spring chicken, but can still give great pleasure if you get a decent one. The labels do tend to fall off, I find…

So getting hold of 2015 isn’t so easy! I’ve put in an order with my normal dealer, but also have a 6-pack (from another supplier) to pick up in - wait for it - September!

Still, I guess that’s earlier than usual.

I wonder when TWS will list it and how much they’ll have.

Try Wright Wine in Skipton, brief skim shows 26 versions of Musar (various formats & vintages) I have no idea if prices are ok. https://wineandwhisky.co.uk/

A veritable Aladdin’s cave if you are in the area, fantastic whisky selection (better than Cadenhead’s - but lacking CD’s own labels) and very knowledgeable.

Musar 2000 reduced to £28.95 at Roberson, if anyone’s interested:

Oops - most might not be in stock - not easy to tell from the website. I’m intrigued at the price variance between vintages - are the wines really that different ?

I’m looking to place an order this week, but will hold off if the Musar 2015 is imminent.

Any way you could find out for us @laura ?

You may have to wait a while! 2014 is really good, 2015 a bit of an unknown

I suspect it’s just a case of pre-ordering. If you go to the Ch Musar website they don’t even have the tasting notes up for 2015 yet. The latest/current vintage is still 2014. They don’t generally release until 7 years post vintage so I really wouldn’t expect to see the '15s appear until spring 2022.

In June they released Pere et Fils 2018 and Jeune 2019. The only news for August is that they’ve started the 2021 harvest.

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They are releasing the 2015 early. I’ve been told I’ll be getting mine in September. They have officially run out of bottles of 2014, although there’s a fair amount circulating in the shops.

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I only ask because I saw a post on another forum suggesting a few merchants now had 2015.

Looking at my emails the society sent a mailer for the 2013 release June 2020, and the 2014 release January 2021. Perhaps increased global demand is going quicker than we thought?

I havent even tried a 2014 yet, too soon.

Views vary, but 2014 was drinking surprisingly well recently.

They’re listing it, but it’s not on their shelves!

Just yesterday I saw 2014 in Adnams and 2012 in Waitrose. Mr Wheeler has 13,13,15. & 97. Seems plenty of choice and stocks.
Confused as to why they have released early.