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Musar Mayhem!

Have just bought 3 bottles of Musar Blanc 2012 and separately, 3 of Musar Rouge 2000 at auction, from the same (well reviewed) seller so with combined postage, roughly £29/bottle delivered. That’s pretty good as I am really intrigued to taste the white after realllly enjoying my first Musar red a fortnight ago.

It brightens a dull Tuesday!


Bargain! recommend you read up a bit on the white for the best way to serve it (I wish TWS sold it). I’d decant it in a similar way to the red.


Did anyone else go for this? I’m going to try mine tomorrow.

I will indeed. Just looking at their website.


I never knew they did a rose as well. One to look out for.

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The rose is lovely. Was about £16 last time I bought one, prob loads more now.

Waiting till the weekend.

Dug out a bottle of Hochar 2017 from a mystery case for potential drinking this weekend. Any thoughts on how far in advance it should be opened? Musar website suggests up to an hour, but if any other views available - would be grateful!


It depends a little on your tastes. I prefer mine to have had ample opportunity to open up so usually decant 3-4 hours before, but this isn’t necessary.

If you like your wines aged and tannins mellow give it 3 or 4 hours, if you like them still flushing with fruits then maybe go to the hour.

Thanks for taking the time to explain your reasons. I am so unlikely to drink it all tonight that I’ll probably give it an hour before trying tonight and then get sealed and then give it more time before trying again tomorrow. Thanks!


Failed miserably to remember! Planning for tomorrow.

Day 1 down. What an intriguing and genuinely tasty wine. We had it with some malaysian chicken, but if anything it was even better by itself. I am still working on the words to describe it but such a full wine, fruity but also some (maybe) notes of chocolate . I am excited to see what happens with some more air but delighted to have tried it and will be looking to have more. Thank you @lorindavies for the advice.


Marc Hochar has recorded a great video on “How to open a bottle of CM” where demonstrates a great looking technique using the prong style aha opener about 3 minutes in, and then doubles down with a special dual opener technique using both the prongs and butler’s friend!

I’ve certainly learned something new from this, although I’ve not yet had a chance to test the dual tool trick yet.


Just tried them.

I thought the 2014 was too young and didn’t have the funkiness I look for in Musar.

The mystery wine was obviously much older - I guessed 1998 - and much more to my taste with a vegetative/farmyard nose and tertiary flavours.


2014 - too tannic at the moment. Not undrinkably so, but if you want softer edges you’d need to let it slumber.

Mystery wine was like silage in a glass. You can hear the hens clucking on the farm! Very developed, very tertiary, brick-red at the rim. I couldn’t guess at a year but it was fascinating to try them both side by side.


Just been notified I got the mystery vintage (1998) correct which entitles me to £15 off a half case of that wine or the 2014 but neither greatly appeals. What I’d really like is to try the '91 white but that is £355/6.


£180 is a keen price for the '98 given that TWS just offered '14 at £174. Wish I hadn’t seen that link!

Id love to try that 91 White too but not at £60 a bottle