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Musar Mayhem!

Now that’s the way to roll when in France!


Think I’ll try my first 95 this week. Also wondering when to start opening 1999s.

The last 2001 I tried had loads of life left in it too, but that’s Musar bottle variation for you!

Let us know how the 95 is Guido!

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Definitely hitting the over the bridge ledge … that’s the tightrope you walk o guess with Musar ….! Enjoyed it all the same :wink:


Mr Wheeler oddly had single bottle at bin end rate, £25 in their shop. Had to get it.

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Hi all! This is my first post - I tried reading back through but didn’t see this particular info, so am assuming it’s fair game to contribute…

I did a Musar tasting with Nickolls & Perks a couple of months back, and picked up some excellent facts about the wine, chiefly:

  • they tend to keep the wine in cement vats, then oak, then back in cement for around 3 years in total on average, and then bottle & cellar for another 4… which is why the “current” vintage on the market is around 7 years old!
  • the whites are a totally different kettle of fish, and the white grapes grow at an altitude above where phylloxera can survive: so the whites use grape varietals that are very old indeed.
  • the Musar blend is always the 3 grapes (Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan & Cinsault) in more or less the same proportion, so the chief flavour variance comes from the grape qualities due to the weather & harvest times

Up until the other week the earliest year I’d tried was 1998 (and then various years between there & 2014), however I was lucky enough to have a 1964 opened for me at a friend’s house, and the Musar lineage was very evident. I couldn’t give you more than that without having another one alongside to compare with.

And the thing to remember with any aged wine is that what state it’s in really depends on how you store it… don’t write off a 1986 Musar just because that bottle might’ve been kept in an airing cupboard or the boot of someone’s car. With decent care I think it’s a wine that’s both pleasurable to drink “young” (i.e. 7 years old…), but also benefits from time maturing, and can really develop complexity & nuance. If you can resist the temptation to open it!


Half bottles of the 2013 Musar on offer for £11.99 at Waitrose:


Case of 12 ordered.


Thanks for that, 6 bottles ordered to go with the 6 bottles from the last 25% off offer :laughing:

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My Waitrose delivery arrived today. Twelve half bottles of Musar, but rather than the 2013 indicated it is the 2002. Waitrose regularly get the year wrong, but on this occasion I am well pleased!


Mine turned up today, and same as you - all 2002! WIN.

There was also a mini of Starward whisky tucked in the box, which only made me happier.

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I opened a bottle of the 2010 today to drink with roast beef.

I decanted about 2-1/2 hrs before the meal. The sip I took on opening tasted pretty good, but it certainly improved with time - the flavour really jumping out of the glass when served with food.

This was the 2nd bottle of six, I will leave the next for another year so to continue to enjoy the wine as it evolves, but at the moment it is in a pretty good place, at least for my taste.


New vintage on the site now.


ooh, too late to add to my latest order.

Hopefully they hang around for a while.

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Has anybody tried Musar’s rosé? Having heard good things I have some of their white but have yet to try it and am intrigued to learn that they also do a rosé…

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Yes, but it was so long ago id struggle to give you tasting notes and it was only about £16/17 back then. It’s on the more full bodied end of the Rose spectrum.

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Thanks, as I would expect it to be given its from Musar’s stable. It’s circa £23/24 now. Am tempted to give it a whirl!

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I’ve ordered a bottle of the red, if I dont it will just sell out and it looks like another smaller than usual vintage.

Time to shred the credit card.

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I had a glass as part of a wine flight at Tom Kitchens place in Leith during the summer. I agree with @Aaronb that it is more towards the fuller end of the spectrum and is very food friendly. I had it with halibut wrapped in Parma ham from memory. Great match.


Sounds delicious on all counts, thank you!

You cannot be serious! It should be just entering its drinking window. Probably a duff bottle?