Musar 2014 (red)

Any views on this?
I just received some this morning and couldn’t resist a sneak peek…
Although this is not the wild and wacky Musar of old, I do like this a lot more than 2013.
It’s a shame in a way that recent vintages lack the “faults” of the 20th Century wines, but this is very well made. Will put together a proper TN later, but just wondeing if it’s considered a hit by other Musarophiles here?

Only bought one and going to sit on it rather than drink now. Might pick another one up later for drinking now if there’s a good offer on.

Bit of decision on the Musar thread but not sure if anyone’s drunk one yet.

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I’m very excited about this release - the best in years IMHO. Obviously one shouldn’t judge on the basis of a few hours with one bottle, but this was lovely.
Although I was initially concerned that it was a touch on the sterile side; after some air and with some food, the soubois, spices and fruit melange began to work their magic. Just my cup of tea. I suspect this might even persuade a few Musaroskeptics that there’s quality materiel here…


BTW, I’ve posted this on “The Musar Thread” and maybe should remove this one.
I’ve noticed that this forum does like LONG threads, rather than lots of short ones.
I’m not such a fan of this myself, but when in Stevenage…


It’s quite nice to have everything in one thread in general. Unfortunately Discourse is such a terrible piece of software is detracts from a lot of the advantages.

Really? I think the software here is among the best I’ve used!
I think my favourite (other than the old Cix system) is the one that Apple used to use.

I’ll let you know about the 2014 in ten years time as I wouldn’t dream of broaching one of those yet. Had a great 2001 this weekend btw.


I’ll make a note in my diary! I hoovered up a load of 2001 from Waitrose recently… it’s certainly in a good place.