Mulled wine - good idea or a crime

Well with the cold weather here (-10C overnight here in Fife) I thought a mulled wine was a good idea. This made me wonder if the Community would see this as a sacrilegious act on a wine bottle or a good idea for a wine needing a helping hand of spices and sugars. Any favourite mulling recipes and also any favourite wine pairings.

Do any of you use this as an excuse to wheel out the BBQ in winter and get your bratwurst and curry sauce out or are you a stay in doors and gather round any heating you feel you can a) afford b) justify against any carbon offset of planted trees etc.

I know I have several 99p Woolworths cherry trees now substantial trees 19 years later which need pruning and using as fuel for the homemade smoker or BBQ so a mulled wine seem the perfect match.


Mulled cider > mulled wine

Only acceptable if you have been out in the cold, and then preferably made by someone else so you can complain that there isn’t enough cinnamon.


Mrs C has been trying various supermarket ready made bottles. The favourite so far is from Tesco, the least favoured was one from Lidl, bottled in Germany, which tasted really synthetic - very surprising, I had higher hopes.

I’m not a great fan* myself, except when circumstances demand it, and let’s face it they don’t come around that often. I think the trick is to forget any association at all with wine, and just think of it as a hot, sweet, spicy drink.

  • I’m more easily persuaded when there’s a decent slug of brandy included.
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There are plenty more ambitious recipes out there, but this is a good basic one we’ve used in the past, taken from a supermarket Christmas drinks catalogue thingy from about 2014:

@CCouzens will be reassured by the good slug of brandy, which does indeed work very nicely here.

We also used to buy this back when the Society used to stock it, as a good quick-fix base:

Just add wine. But they haven’t had it for years now.


Mulled wine is one of those things I’ve personally never enjoyed unless freezing cold [me] and beautifully warm [the wine]. And then simply as one means of warming up if there’s nothing else available. I just do not like the taste at all. Ditto with mince pies, Xmas pud etc. I’d almost rather eat a chunk of mud. Bit extreme I know, but there’s something about that “Xmas spices” taste that just violently rocks my boat.


Not often, but we (4 families I hasten to add) did get though a flask of it on our walk last weekend. Was very welcome and I also found it much improved by a slug of sloe gin, which started the walk in a separate hip flask.


I like it as one of the many christmas rituals. As a drink though, I prefer mulled cider.

Agree with everyone who said they like it best when it’s very cold outside. On a weekend in an extremely cold Prague a few years ago, my other half and I drank gallons of the stuff (on sale from kiosks everywhere) to make getting between museums/restaurants/bars bearable.



Either crime against a wine good enough to drink on its own, or a crime because the wine isn’t good enough to drink.


Do you really need to ask? Standards for goodness sake!! :uk:


Bah humbug!! :santa:

Personally, I like it. Its a welcome addition for a couple of weeks a year. Or at least it is in the form of Glögg as served in Sweden. :sweden:

Traditionally served with almonds and raisins in it which soak up the booze, and are a boozy bonus at the end.

To accompany, thin gingerbread biscuits topped with blue cheese. The whole sweet and savoury combo works well.


I would definitely echo the sentiment it needs to be cold enough weather to justify it. Also on reflection on the few occasions I have most enjoyed it I have not surprisingly been in a German Christmas market. First time was back in 1991 in Wiesbaden when it was actually snowing at the time I had my first ever Currywurst. Most traditional was a few days later in Heidelberg so I guess consumed at these locations it might not be a crime.


I thought that Glögg was something they used at IKEA to polish the QA furniture with?

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Crime, but I love it.

I tried it with good(ish, a bottle of Guigal 2016) wine, which is not worth it. In a case of promoting past digital antics, Mulling things over – Nerdy Booze is my blog post on it.


I had not read your blog post before using the phrase ‘slug of brandy’. No, really.

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Homemade white glögg is my favourite :ok_hand:

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I can’t help feeling someone ought to mention Smoking bishop

But having mentioned it mulled wine should never be spoken of again.

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Never heard of Smoking Bishop (which sounds a bit more cannabis-y than alcohol-y), but that recipe sounds quite tempting. It’s the roasted citrus.

Not sure what is more of a crime, only describing the 2016 Guigal as goodish or using it for mulled wine :rofl: :dragon:


Watched the landlord in our local filling glasses from a wine box, origin Slovenia and containing ‘wine from the EU’, which he was then microwaving. :woozy_face:

I stuck to the Wainwright Amber Bitter :sunglasses:

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