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Muga Reserva Rioja 2015



Hi Rich, you just put in a large number of bottles or cases and the system says something like “sorry could only put x in your basket”


Absolutely genius


Can’t take credit for that, saw it on one of the "old timers’ posts on here. :rofl:


i’ve had the 2014 and it’s excellent.
had their top cuvee at christmas prado enea - world class


282 cases left, I’m going to have a few bottles but as has been said before, a 12 bottle case is just a bit too much given all the EP campaigns right now.


217 left now, I have a bottle coming with my next delivery, hoping that I can taste that before I take the plunge. But stocks are moving fast.


Would it be that difficult for the website to list stock levels?


So as there isn’t much left of this, I’m going to bang 6 in reserves and make up a mixed case , any recommendations fromyou wise men and women as to what I should make the remaining 6 up with ?


Guess it depends on when you’re planning on taking them back out.

My plan is often to go for three cheaper-but-ageworthy bottles, for example this:

(I was also going to suggest the Tahbilk Marsanne, but it doesn’t seem to be around at the moment.)

Then complete the dozen with three premium zingers, to balance it out :+1:


I was doing similar with 6 from the Rhone 2017 stocks, but just decided to have the 6 Rhone delivered. I am hoping to hang on and taste the Muga before stocks run out. Went for these 2 -

Crozes-Hermitage Les Papillons, Domaine Gilles Robin 2017
Vacqueyras Blanc Les Clefs d’Or, Clos des Cazaux 2017

What about some Riesling?


I have a case of 12 in reserves :+1:, thanks @japcraw, I have a bottle of the clefs d’Or so I’ll open it and see what it’s like so that’s a potential thanks.
@Herbster, tbh I wasn’t blown away by the society’s hunter valley but something along that price range is worth looking at so thanks :pray:


I would be very interested in your opinion, likewise for the Blau :laughing:


How about these lovely wines, all with similar dates to the Muga… Not esp. cheap though.

I can vouch for the Valpollicella - excellent. The other two are in the wish list…


All look great thanks @VinoVeritas :wink:


For anyone “humin an hawin” only 208 bottles left.


202 :sweat_smile:, I’m testing the “one entry per person” for the golden bottle and decided to have them delivered instead of keeping in reserves :blush:.


Hope they don’t disqualify you :rofl: I have cancelled Christmas and put a case in reserves.



I have a couple of bottles on order; I struggle to walk past a good Rioja order. I’m beginning to miss them on my extended French stay. The French really aren’t keen on selling any non French wine! :smiley:


I recall the 2012 being pretty good… but I only brought 2 and I’ve drank them already. Maybe this is an opportunity to have some reserves as I’m yet to utilise that service :grin: