Muga Reserva Rioja 2015

Just received an email with details of this wine. I have not had any experience of this so can’t comment on quality etc. Appears to be plenty in stock.

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I had the 2011 and it was great. It looks like an attractive price.

It’s a lovely wine, and a good year, so I snaffled a case.

Not sure about the ‘10/10’ vintage claim though, when the Society’s own vintage chart ‘only’ gives it a 9 :rofl:

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2015 is listed as a “Very Good” as opposed to an “Excellent” vintage.

hm… 2011 is listed as Excellent, no wonder it was so good then

Would be tempted if it were in 6’s… Will have to wait post Barolo, Rhone etc…

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Bought 4 singles yesterday Vino so you should be ok ordering 6 singles unless you like the cases etc for storage.

I assume this is for reserves purposes, as you need to add full cases or mix a 12. I felt the same way but went crazy anyway.

I think this raises a subject that has already been discussed, which I personally think member services or TWS as a whole should look at. I am sure there will be quite a few interested in buying 6 bottles, don’t have suitable storage at home and want to put in reserves. From a servicing members perspective I think all wine should be available in 6’s.

Take this wine for example, I would be tempted if I could buy 6 and put in reserves, I wouldn’t want to make up a mixed 12. Not all members have limitless budgets to be able to buy 12 bottles every time there is an offer.

Maybe someone from members services could comment on the logistics of taking 6 bottles out of a box of 12 and placing them in reserves. Maybe a small charge could be paid for doing this.

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I do agree, but it’s more down to the producers here. I assumed the reason was the added time/cost/logistics headache of rearranging the cases, but then doing this to two different wines to make up 12 is the same thing and that’s allowed. Maybe buying twice as much makes up for it?

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Thats a fair point Tom but I will probably not buy any of this wine so that’s a lost sale of 6 bottles (if you could store 6’s) and then if the next offer is a 12 case, potentially another lost sale of 6 bottles.

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Muga Rioja is indeed lovely. Had a few times from TWS and often find it in the local supermarket when on holiday in Spain.

Like others, would have likely bought much more of it over the years if could stick 6 in reserves.

I visited Muga a couple of years ago and they were absolutely raving about the 2015 vintage quality. Was meant to be brilliant in Rioja.

I don’t know if it is still the case, but I remember reading in the past that the official Rioja vintage ratings were essentially the wine tourism/sales board marking its own homework, and to be taken with a fairly large pinch of salt. 2011 doesn’t seem highly rated on TWS, BBR or Robert Parker’s vintage charts. But having also tried that one myself, as part of a vertical case TWS released a while back, I have to say Muga’s 2011 really was drinking beautifully last year. Perhaps it was ready to drink sooner than usual due to the weaker vintage - or maybe Muga just did particularly well for some reason.

2015 for me is a must buy, even though the price has crept up a bit since the 2013 vintage, it’s still a very good value wine, especially if you can stick it away for a few years. I will probably make up a mixed case with something else with similar ageing potential. Like others, I wish it was available in sixes.

Pity the Crianza is not on offer as it’s often a great buy when Rioja vintage is on song a is the 2015 vintage

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I’ve always felt good Rioja is so often underrated / underappreciated.

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Guilty as charged… :flushed:

I don’t know what it is - but I just very rarely gravitate towards a Rioja. And I had some good ones, that whilst drinking them made me very happy, and brought a lot of pleasure. But somehow… when I come to choosing reds - it never seems to jump to the head of the queue. It’s somewhere in the middle, rather neglected.

I need my head examined, perhaps. :thinking:

Same here, although I do love old fashioned oaky white Rioja. Guess we all have blind spots in appreciating wine.

For anyone delaying buying, I put myself in that category, when I posted the original message about this wine there were over 6,500 bottles of this wine available. I just checked and this now stands at 3,750.

Sorry - how do you know the amount of wines in stock at TWS? Do you work for them or is there a way to see online?