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Moving house, moving wine - help!


Has anyone out there come across a specialist wine removal company?
Many thanks!


I looked because I think I saw someone mention it but can’t offer personal recommendations as I’ve not used anyone. However, you could always speak to the people behind the spiral cellars



Many thanks - I will get in touch with them.


Why do feel you need a specialist?
Is the wine already in boxes/cases?
I’ve moved house twice with maybe 30 winesoc cardboard boxes and chateau wooden cases. Apart from warning the movers, counting them out/in and replying in kind to usual banter I made no other precautions :slight_smile:


Fair point. The only thing is this is a 300 mile move and all the bottles are currently loose!


Ah, more difficult, my move was about a tenth of that distance!
Removers may have bottle boxes.
The only issue that might concern me is sitting in a hot van for more than a day.
Anyone else think that might be an issue? The winesocs own vans aren’t a/c’d thaat I’ve observed although I’d guess the wine is in them for no more than a working day.


@RobinC We are in the process of shortly moving 180 miles away. My plan is to pack all bottles in to cardboard boxes with dividers and hope for the best. I will be moving something like 200 bottles so have been holding onto numerous cardboard boxes for some time.