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Moving house - anyone moved a wine cabinet?


Hi there we are in the process of moving house and are living between two properties currently. Our new purchase is some 200 miles away and we shall be taking 2 temperature controlled wine cabinets (and contents!) with us. Has anyone any experience of this? Is there any advice on how best to do this ourselves? Anything we should be aware of? Our current thinking is to empty the contents, transport the bottles in cardboard boxes, put the wine cabinets in a van and upon arriving at our new property allow them to settle for say 24 hours before turning them back on and then restock. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


It sounds as though the whole move is a diy job. A specialist removal company would know how to do this, as within the BAR system there must be a company who has moved wine cellars, and they share information.
I have had experience of moving pianos but not wine. My most recent piano move was from Ludlow to Oxford (for the grandchildren), and a specialist from Oxford did it for under £200. There was no one suitable at this end.
Think how the large cellars get to auctions. They wouldn’t use ‘Fred and his white van’. Maybe looking on various removers websites would give you some ideas.


Same as moving a fridge…



@Ludlow_Steve, @cerberus It is indeed a DIY move! Many thanks for your help.


@qualitybristol I think I would do pretty much exactly as you describe. If you can source proper wine boxes with inserts then so much the better for protecting the bottles. My only other comment is to ensure the cabinets are vertical when being transported - my cabinet came with instructions for only being tilted to a specific angle and then, only in certain directions. I definitely wouldn’t advocate laying them down for example.

When I moved mine, I also used a ratchet strap to secure the cabinet to the van so it didn’t fall over. Probably goes without saying that a sizeable sack-barrow is vital! :smile:


I did move mine laying flat but waited 48 or more hours before turning on and it seemed ok. Could be model specific whether you can get away with that though


@Alchemist @NickP Thanks guys…so basically my thinking seems to be on the rightlines. Thanks everyone once again.