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Moving home and wine


Hope this is in an appropriate place.

I’m aware of a discussion on moving wine cabinets, but I’m possibly going to have to move 300-400 bottles of wine about 250 miles sometime in the not too distant future. They are currently on racks pretty much underground.

Actually I see this has come up before as well. Has anyone discovered anything further in the meantime? Is specialist insurance a good idea? Should I just delay any moving plans till the wine is finished? It’s not an immediate problem but does worry me slightly.


Unless you’re talking super premium investment grade stuff, I’d probably just buy some boxes, double check the weight limits, and hire a Transit sized van?

I generally only move small volumes, but when I do, I avoid moving in extremes of temperature, and I wouldn’t leave it in a parked vehicle for any length of time due to the risk of freezing or overheating, but as long as you’re between 5-20 degrees (inside the vehicle, not air temperature, bearing in mind it can heat up inside quickly even on a cool day if parked in full sun) 3-4 hours it shouldn’t have too much of an impact .

That volume is heavy, and you need to balance the weight evenly and ensure it can’t slide around it transit, but other than that it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Obviously you might want specialist insurance if it’s very valuable, and check out customs rules if you’re crossing an international border.


As we are still hoping to move ? appropiate boxes have been saved for the event, I have done this several times and as long as you get the movers to stack carefully and tie in there should be no problem, most movers have insurance including expensive items if described and notified.
If it is a short move Comtes86 says it all with a Transit and I have done that as well, as for the temperature unless its a very distant move in summer in the high nineties forget it the chances of spoilage are very small.


@Andy999 We have recently moved 200 miles. You mentioned the discussion on moving wine cabinets that I raised. I can report that we boxed all the wine into original cardboard boxes with dividers and everything was loaded on to a luton van with the rest of our stuff. Happily I can report that all the wine arrived intact. Our wine cabinets have been put in their location and I am just waiting on the gas to settle before turning them on and refilling them. I took an inventory from Cellartracker and crossed check for errors for packing and marked all the boxes with the wine cabinet shelf locations so it should be just a case of opening the boxes and reracking. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for the comments, which are fairly encouraging. Seems it’s not such a problem after all and I may not be forced to drink myself out of house and home, so to speak! Just have to find a house with a suitable storage space to move to.


I just got a normal removals company to do it all. They had at least one layer of bubble wrap between every bottle and used their standard boxes. No special insurance. I probably told them to take sppecial care with a few bottles. No breakages occurred.

Actually wine bottles are pretty strong. Only the gorillas that work for delivery companies seem to have the bottle smashing capability.