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Mould spores in wine cabinet


Hi wise folk

I’ve noticed some mould spores on a few bottles in my wine cabinet. I already have a small tray of baking soda in there to prevent excess moisture (previously noted condensation in the summer) but it appears I was too late.

I assume there’s no quick fix and it’s a turn off, empty and wipe down all of inside of cabinet and all bottles with baking soda paste/vinegar solution or similar?

Any tips on the best solution to use or other words of wisdom on managing this?



I’m no biochemist, so I may be talking nonsense, but I’m not sure I’d introduce vinegar anywhere near my wine, for fear of acetobacter moving from the first to the second…?

Probably depends on the type of mould, and I’m sure you’ve thought of this already, but while it might damage the labels, it might not do much harm to the wine - fairly natural condition in a lot of cellars. Check out the walls in Tokaji:



You can never be sure about any intervention without properly controlled experiments, but I believe that the solution for the mould formation for me was making sure bottles did not touch the back wall of the fridge. Water should condense on the wall, and then run down to drain out (at least in my fridge). But if bottles touch the back wall, it can get diverted along those bottles, affecting the labels and then possibly dripping onto shelves and other bottles.

I was also advised by the importers to make sure the seals around the door were working, by checking that they would hold a sheet of paper well. I think the logic there is that any build up of moisture in the fridge must come from outside - mostly through a open door, or through the filter, but excess might be getting in through a faulty seal. My seals turned out all to be working well, so it was not the cause of my problem.

BTW, I would not necessarily recommend it (as it could potentially result in TCA), but I cleaned the slightly mouldy shelves and bottles with very dilute bleach. In my case it worked well and with no bad side-effects.


Thanks for the read (picture was great too)


Never had any issues with moisture in 20 years. Maybe this is because I only turn it on between May and September?


Wipe over the cabinet with a solution of sodium metabisulphite, maybe? (The stuff used by home brewers). Then with water and wipe dry.


Thanks everyone for the replies.

Perhaps I am worrying unnecessarily to a degree.

Plan A I think has to be empty the cabinet a bit over Christmas and then decide what, if anything, to do then.


sorry - late to this

I would :

  • empty the cabinet
  • wipe the bottles and leave somewhere safe (like my house :wink: !)
  • check filters are not blocked with grime; clean or replace
  • check any drains are not blocked and are clean (pipe cleaner or very thin “bottle brush”)
  • clean the cabinet with nothing more than hot soapy water (a couple of wipes after with just cloth rinsed in nothing more than hot water
  • dry thoroughly
  • check it works ok with some soft drinks bottle inside
  • then refill with the good stuff !