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Mouchão Alentejo



Hi everyone

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of (any vintage of) this:

I get the impression that it needs a fair few more years of bottle age to settle down and show its best, but it comes in cases of three, which would make a reserves purchase a lot more do-able.


It’s a wonderful wine (the 2013 specifically and Mouchao generally), but definitely does need time to really show what it can do. That said, the 2013 is probably the most accessible vintage I’ve tried young.

I wrote a little thing about a visit back in 2016 for Travels in Wine in case of interest - covers a bit about the estate, history, wines and what foot-treading a vat of alicante bouschet feels like :see_no_evil:


Ten years - at least!


I’d agree with 10 years plus based on 2001 experience


Thanks for the feedback! I’m gonna give this some serious thought - stocks look good so hopefully it won’t disappear on me while I hum and haw…

Looks like it was a great experience! Nice shorts…! :laughing: