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Motorsports anyone?


Just wondering if anyone on here was into any motorsports?


Never drink and drive :wink:


Drag racing - vw’s mainly but like others.
Watch motogp, superbikes and rallying on tv and occasionally F1.


Actively participating such as the RWYB at Santa Pod?


Yes in the sixties I raced cars !



Indeed - in a '67 beetle with a 1776cc motor.
All went well until I had major wheel hop on launch and threw the fan belt at half track - both on the same run.
Prior to that actually took part in a VW Baja - not the fastest entrant funnily enough…
Been following vw drag racing since late '80’s but the first drag race I went to was about 6 years old when you could get a lot closer to the track.

Looking forward to going again once the new track at Santa Pod is laid.


Indeed, looking forward to see how the new track performs, have been at a fair few RWYB days as well as Jap show when it was still there. Run a fair few times on my RX7 (FC3S) but sold that a few years back. Now working on a Toyota MR2 (the unloved Mk 3 roadster), in the process of building up a full forged engine with an aim of low 11s.


Not really my cup of tea drag racing, but I appreciate the work that went into those early hemi engines in the early days and when on a trip to Florida visited this place, Big Daddy Don Garlits Museum to drag racing, worth a trip just to see the big rails there.


I will probably look to do a few track days as well during the summer, drag racing at Santa pod is a much cheaper option though!


“much cheaper option though!” almost certainly.

I spent about three years after I packed up cycle racing being a “gofer” for my best friend who raced motorbikes finishing with a 250cc Aermacchi and a 500 Manx Norton, I was to old to start m/cycle racing though I have always preferred the bikes and the people who raced them.
I started with a full race Lotus 7 in clubmans racing as it was known then and also raced a friends U2 a couple of times, before moving on to a Lotus 23b.
The problem despite having limited success was money as all came out of money earnt and a few engine failures, I was just unlucky as Cosworth engines were pretty reliable, but I ran out of cash.
My last race at Brands was the clincher, bad start worked through field to lead and on the last lap gearbox seized, as it was a Hewland box it was serious money and in the bar afterwards I was given an ultimatum, the car or me from the future wife, I wisely choose the wife.
Despite the feeling I had at times that my world consistyed of tearing up £50 notes it was an experience, and a race at the Nurburgring (not in my car) that we finished was something I will always remember, not like the Mickey Mouse circuits today.


Sports and GT racing is interesting, more so than F1. Used to pedal a Chevron B6 in the day, now just a spectator. Might vist Brands again this year.


Bennets B2 was very successful in clubmans before he moved on to Sports GT class , the Chevron was easily the prettiest of the clubmanscars but few were made despite the success.

Arthur Mallocks U2 was even in an adapted version campaigned very well in European F2 races by his son some achievement against the works cars of Lotus Brabham etc.

By Image by Peter Fenelon, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2727273


Nice. I learned the craft in a Merlyn at Jim Russell, long time ago. Always better in Sports cars though.


Should have included sports cars although i always think of them as the old group c ones - actually worked at am on the amr1 for a while before proteus shut