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Most recent live concert?



Fabulous stuff and glad the Dub Pistols are still causing mischief after so many years!
I visited Concorde 2 for the first time last month actually to see Californian riff titans Sleep. They can be a tricky band to host levels-wise as everything is so low/sludgy/loud, but I thought the venue did an amazing job with the sound and everyone there seemed so friendly. Great place and hope to go to more gigs there soon.


Missed last night’s tasting because I was at Cardiff Uni for the mighty Devin Townsend. Utterly off the wall, veering wildly from the intense to the hilarious - and an all-round good time with lots of surprises.

Not many gigs that give you this…

…and - huh? - this:

Great night, glad I’ve finally got round to experiencing his on-stage antics.


Dr Feelgood at Cambridge Junction… my ears have stopped hurting now… not sure just how many original members survive though Wilco was very entertaining earlier in the year, especially with his Lazarus impersonation.


I have been away for a while but now back. I did see Mark Lanegan at The Roundhouse in Camden before Christmas - not to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it immensely. Even encored with a Screaming Trees song - top man!


Wow, that’s a blast from the past, which Trees song did he encore with?


Gospel Plow - very good and a welcome surprise.
Dust is such a great album.