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Most recent live concert?

Fabulous stuff and glad the Dub Pistols are still causing mischief after so many years!
I visited Concorde 2 for the first time last month actually to see Californian riff titans Sleep. They can be a tricky band to host levels-wise as everything is so low/sludgy/loud, but I thought the venue did an amazing job with the sound and everyone there seemed so friendly. Great place and hope to go to more gigs there soon.

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Missed last night’s tasting because I was at Cardiff Uni for the mighty Devin Townsend. Utterly off the wall, veering wildly from the intense to the hilarious - and an all-round good time with lots of surprises.

Not many gigs that give you this…

…and - huh? - this:

Great night, glad I’ve finally got round to experiencing his on-stage antics.


Dr Feelgood at Cambridge Junction… my ears have stopped hurting now… not sure just how many original members survive though Wilco was very entertaining earlier in the year, especially with his Lazarus impersonation.


I have been away for a while but now back. I did see Mark Lanegan at The Roundhouse in Camden before Christmas - not to everyone’s taste but I enjoyed it immensely. Even encored with a Screaming Trees song - top man!


Wow, that’s a blast from the past, which Trees song did he encore with?

Gospel Plow - very good and a welcome surprise.
Dust is such a great album.

RIP Andy Gill! We just realised he passed away yesterday…! The flip side of blocking out any news, I guess.

The last gig me and the other half went to together was a Gang of Four gig - can’t remember when… must be at least 4 or 5 years ago. It was electric, powerful and raw. I learnt to love Andy Gill’s scratchy guitar through my husband, who absolutely adores the band, and the gig was a confirmation of his unique playing style and power, which made my hair stand on end during some songs.

Rest in peace, Andy.


Gang of Four were dear to me back in the day. For old times sake, their debut release…

…and incredibly powerful still. I can’t recall anyone playing a guitar the way he did prior to that release. RIP Andy.


My car has been my concert hall recently and I’ve been repeatedly playing Shabaka Hutchings Essential from Apple Music.
I was pushed his way by my son who really enjoys playing modern jazz saxophone. At Latitude festival last year he suggested we saw Shabaka playing as Sons of Kemet and also The Comet is Coming at the same venue, same day. And here is where it gets interesting for me, an old lag who followed bands and is nostalgic for his University years playlist, because this wasn’t about what a band was doing it was what the band members were doing with their music… mix, match, mash it up all in the one day.
The 2 experiences were mind boggling in their diversity, from a live perspective, and, listening to his essentials album even more so… Gerswhinesque (Langa, pt2) to Acid. My 2 hour trip home today dissolved from feeling insufferable at the start to, oh, I’m home and I have to get out of my car.
Amazing what music can do, even the stuff you never thought you’d get round to appreciating.


Could not agree more @DrEm. Shabaka is one of the best young jazz muscians around. I saw him at Cafe Otto last year and was quite mesmerised by him. Sons are playing at the Barbican in May too


I saw that too. What got me was that one minute it’s an acid mix of tuba and 2 drum kits, then it’s psychedelic with the mixing desk, then it’s classic with the most incredibly uplifting melodies. Normally you see that with a lifetime’s career stretching someone’s musical intellect, but here it was all at the same time.


Booker Taliaferro Jones and son at Ronnie Scott’s tonight. The most iconic venue to sink a Negroni, even midweek. Maybe it’s the matching colour of classic cocktail and the venue?
Green Onions, of course, through projects with the MGs, Carlos Santana, Bill Withers and Prince. Awesome.
Brubecks play Brubeck in a couple of weeks… nice.





And what a venue.

I am very very jealous :sunglasses:

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in November I will not be posting that my most recent live concert was genesis !

WTF - how much…

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That’s what I figured … didn’t even check. Such a shame - I’d love to catch them again.

I didn’t check - it was the amount of friends selling kidneys etc that warned me off

lucky enough to see them at Twickenham in 2007…that will do for me

There is not much point in going to a Genesis-without-Peter-Gabriel gig . (IMHO obvs)

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what about Steve Hackett ?!

Given that one of my favourite bands also suffers from the issue of having had 2 front-men and the latter incarnation also having been around longer than the first , I always consider it as two different eras and I enjoy music from both so why wouldn’t I go and see them ?

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That would probably be even more expensive…!


and out of no where - suppers ready playing on BBCR2

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