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Most recent live concert?

Somewhat late with this one :blush:

Endless Boogie, 17th May, Hope & Ruin Brighton .

Excellent gig. Poor quality photo (I’d been drinking) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh… I used to go to the Hope & Ruin to listen to live poetry, as a student… Back in the days when it was called The Pig in Paradaise. Those were the days!

Glad it was a good gig! :grinning:


Cracking band. Silly question but trust you had fun?
Last time I managed to get out of the house for something loud = Acid Mothers Temple at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club about a month ago. Amazing as always. It was my best friend’s first time seeing them and it took a while for him to regain the power of speech


Last weekend at Latitude, Childcare were exceptional.


There’s a working men’s club in bethnal green?? Do you need to be a member? Or is that just the name of some hipster bar…

Established 1887 apparently (mere pups compared to our Society!) and lots of events you don’t have to be a member to attend. I hadn’t been before but it was a decent venue.

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Excellent Gig, “The Boogie” are just my sort of thing, heavy, rhythmic, Stoner.
No virtuoso guitar soloing, or “finger dancers” as I call them. Perfect.

I did have some concerns that it might be stupidly loud with stacked Marshall’s in a smallish venue, but they were playing through smaller mic’ed amps and the PA, could have done with a bit more volume if anything.

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There were bands here too…:guitar::trumpet::drum:

…but for some reason I got distracted. :thinking:

[Hook Norton Beer Festival last weekend].


and more genius next week…two nights at the Royal Albert Hall :slight_smile:

New version of the amazing “Fantastic Place”

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Hot Club of Cowtown, last night at Southampton University. Awesome.


My most recent gig was the Eagles in Dublin and what a weekend it was!


Fantastic fiddlin’ !

Christian Scott last night at the EartH in Dalston was fantastic


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs ~ Friday Nov.15th. Moles in Bath :metal:

Extremely poor photo! The combination of Moles’ acoustics, the delightful heavy fuzz nature of the “Pigs” and the band being somewhat overAmped for the venue meant my phone was resonating so hard it wouldn’t focus.

Definitely not for those of a delicate nature. Great night.


I love the Moles Club! So glad it rose from the ashes.

They’re a dying breed, but still a few such venues around. The Bodega in Nottingham has a similar vibe and a few in Brighton and Birmingham.

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Bros Landreth in Glasgow on Sunday. Touring the UK at the momet. Winnipeg band worth checking out.

Wonderful! Overjoyed to see Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs on this thread - had many a wonderful night in their sonic company and unsurprised the resultant photos are blurry…


Awesome Orange amp stack. No wonder your phone couldn’t cope !


Friday 22nd—The Dub Pistols, Concorde2, Brighton

Good fun gig, they generally rework other peoples’ material… Ska, reggae and some “pop” tunes. They really work the crowd, full as usual, so it all adds up to a fun night out.

Saturday 23rd---- Back to the Concorde for Dirty DC. Very accomplished AC/DC tribute band. More drinking, more tunes, more fun. :metal: