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Most recent live concert?



Somewhat late with this one :blush:

Endless Boogie, 17th May, Hope & Ruin Brighton .

Excellent gig. Poor quality photo (I’d been drinking) :stuck_out_tongue:


Ahhh… I used to go to the Hope & Ruin to listen to live poetry, as a student… Back in the days when it was called The Pig in Paradaise. Those were the days!

Glad it was a good gig! :grinning:


Cracking band. Silly question but trust you had fun?
Last time I managed to get out of the house for something loud = Acid Mothers Temple at Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club about a month ago. Amazing as always. It was my best friend’s first time seeing them and it took a while for him to regain the power of speech


Last weekend at Latitude, Childcare were exceptional.


There’s a working men’s club in bethnal green?? Do you need to be a member? Or is that just the name of some hipster bar…


Established 1887 apparently (mere pups compared to our Society!) and lots of events you don’t have to be a member to attend. I hadn’t been before but it was a decent venue.


Excellent Gig, “The Boogie” are just my sort of thing, heavy, rhythmic, Stoner.
No virtuoso guitar soloing, or “finger dancers” as I call them. Perfect.

I did have some concerns that it might be stupidly loud with stacked Marshall’s in a smallish venue, but they were playing through smaller mic’ed amps and the PA, could have done with a bit more volume if anything.


There were bands here too…:guitar::trumpet::drum:

…but for some reason I got distracted. :thinking:

[Hook Norton Beer Festival last weekend].


and more genius next week…two nights at the Royal Albert Hall :slight_smile:

New version of the amazing “Fantastic Place”


Hot Club of Cowtown, last night at Southampton University. Awesome.


My most recent gig was the Eagles in Dublin and what a weekend it was!