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Most recent live concert?



A week of concerts.
Last night it was Karine Polwart, Scottish Folk singer, Friday its Blues Fest with Van Morrison and Robert Plant (:grinning:) and, next Tuesday, Richard Thompson of Fairport Convention. Put them alongside lunch at Galvin La Chapelle on Friday and The Ivy for dinner on Tuesday, it makes for a pleasant week.
Any concert goer stories out there?


I’m off to see Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra in Cambridge on Sunday night. I just love his brand of feel-good music. (Only downside for me is that Marc Almond is the guest artist, whose music and generally out-of-tune singing I can’t stand. But I’ll go with it, as my two gig companions quite like him. :wink: )


It’s Ruby Turner you really want to hear…


I know - I love her, she’s amazing. Can’t wait.
Last time I saw them KT Tunstall was the guest artist. That was fab!


Took a punt and went with some friends to see these lusty Australians last night. They were really, really good fun.


Royal Albert Hall isn’t too bad - wines by BBR :nerd_face:


Boy can he play. Saw him once, I think it was at the Green Man Festival, and he had that air of authority on stage that just held everyone’s attention. There was no chance of me looking away or being distracted, but I felt that if I did, he’d tell me off, or something.


Couldn’t have put it better myself!
Say hello, wave goodbye… :raising_hand_woman:


Have just got tickets for Marillion at the Royal Albert Hall in November…2019

Sadly missed a great concert at the weekend - Francis Dunnery (ex It Bites) supported by Chris Difford (Squeeze) and Steve Hogarth (Marillion)…logisitcs of half-term here being one week out to everywhere else put pay to it :frowning:


Who is cousin to Mark Difford whose wife Maxine used to work in Member Services. #degreesofseparation


Now there’s a band that looks after the fans! That’ll be a cracking gig. Have you been to any of their weekend-long events?


their gig there last year was simply the best gig i’ve ever been to…and i’ve been to a couple !

I have been to their “weekends” - I used to help with their fan club so was involved (in a little way) in the first few. They actually came from an idea by the Stranglers but the Marillion weekends are far bigger events and for the past few years global…not just in attendees but in places visited.

Top band, top people, top memories


Then our paths may have crossed! Trying to remember now … think I went to the Minehead events in 2003 and 2005, and the first one in the Netherlands in 2007. Something like that. Great times.

I was a regular on their online forum about 15 years ago, posted as De Chef. It was a lovely little community, made some good friends and had a lot of gig meet-ups, but it gradually lost momentum for me. Still try to catch them live every few years or so (Aylesbury most recently) but current lifestyle means I can’t quite swan off to as many gigs as I used to!


My other half went to Havering technical college to do electronics, and was in the same year as Mark Kelly, Marillion’s keyboardist. Mark left half way through year one to join Marillion, and was famously told by the head of year to “give up this pop music [sic] nonsense, you’ll have a better career in electronics” …
I reckon he made the right choice! :grin:


It’s true when they say it’s a small world!

Well, that explains Mark’s love of all things tech. Lovely chap, glad he didn’t give up the pop music nonsense…!


Speaking of a loyal fanbase, anyone here familiar with the Dave Matthews Band?

I’ve just seen they’re playing the Apollo in March. Didn’t know they ever made it out this way.


if you bought merchandise, went to a signing session, entered the quiz (or witnessed it) - then yes!

I did the conventions from the start until 2009…then after helping since afraid of sunlight, I sadly couldn’t spare the time, with a busy job and about to be family…so I understand the lifestyle aspect

Im still friends with them and go to gigs as often as possible…Aylesbury is a normal haunt as i’m not too far (as you might guess by helping out)

I never really did the online forum - received the freaks digest and occasionally posted

see you at a gig next year !


Wanted to say yes, But after some thought realised I was thinking about Ian Matthews (Southern Comfort). Different era I’m afraid!


…and electronics wasn’t even his first choice of subject!!

Mark (and Marillion) are the pioneers of crowdfunding…

They were the first real band to adopt the internet in any meaningful way…with fans able to chat to them on Internet forums, through to a larger on-line presence.


I think that’s three times a yes then! Think we did alright in the quiz one year, coming second only to the cakeyboys.

Always a good atmosphere when they’re playing at home … then a burger from the van in the Market Square is a must.

All this talk has got me wanting to go see them again!