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Most recent live concert?



They have a decent wine selection at the bar ‘conveniently adjoining’ the Chapel, which is one of my favourite venues in London. They also do a decent cup of coffee and a kitkat from a little booth near the entrance, which is a nice touch :slight_smile:


Thanks, the last time I was there was for Cowboy Junkies (with Ryan Adams) which was a while ago.


We’re performing on Eastleigh Bandstand this Sunday! :sunglasses::saxophone:


@martin_brown, I could tell you a few stories about Ronnie. I was his wifes personal trainer when they lived in Ireland. I used to train her 5 times per week so knew Ronnie pretty well. I had access to the stud farm they lived on used to just let myself in. Lovely person as was his ex-wife Jo.


I’ve noticed you’re frequenting a lot of my old haunts here Doctor! I’m in Suffolk this weekend as it goes - At my parents’ house in Newmarket this evening and off to a wedding in Wordwell tomorrow…

I think the last gig I went to that wasn’t a part of The Great Escape Festival was Parquet Courts in the small and sweaty The Old Market in Brighton. Top notch, extremely cool New York band, stealing liberally from Pavement and a few others.


On 3rd May I went to see Gomez at the Royal Albert Hall. I was right at the back and in the Gods. They were excellent- a proper band. I enjoyed it so much I got tickets for my wife and myself for the 5th at The Forum in Kentish Town…we were much closer to the stage and even my wife thought they were superb.
Previously I saw The War On Drugs at Alexandra Palace last November - the last two albums are so good I was really looking forward to seeing them live and they did not disappoint.


Parquet courts - a Latitude band this year. There really is only one place for music, and lots of other places, clearly, too.


Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at Forestlive last night. Everything from the Housemartins through The Beautiful South to a preview of their next single. The a capella Caravan of Love finale was amazing. And all against the back drop of Sherwood Forest.


Sounds magical, @Lincoln! :grinning: Caravan of Love was one of my favourite 80’s songs…


Just a general comment really - but do please consider investing in a pair of professional-grade earplugs. Google can be your friend here. Most of the pros will be wearing them.


Thanks, @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis! I have thought of that - one of my friends works in music PR and been using them for years when going to gigs. I’ve been suffering from tinnitus for 20 years, and have learnt to tolerate it over the years; but as I’m growing older, the desire to be in noisy venues is fast diminishing. Perhaps it’s also big crowds that put me off. I become very fidgety and restless - so it’s a combination of noise and crowds that I can’t seem to tolerate anymore. No such problems when going to classical concerts or small jazz venues - as I enjoy these immensely, I should add.


They work wonders. Used them all the time when I was drumming on a regular basis. Just don’t remove them until it’s definitely all over - for a short time after you take them out, your lug holes are even more open to the sounds of the world. I did terrible (but luckily temporary) things to my right ear when I foolishly took my earplugs out halfway through a practice session.


I saw The Reytons in Manchester a few weeks ago.

If anybody likes The Arctic Monkeys early stuff I think they’d be a fan. A Slice of Lime is a very catchy tune in a similar style.

The one band I NEED to see soon is The Slow Readers Club, but other than Kendal calling, I don’t think they’re gigging for a while. I’m a bit late to the party with them and may have to put up with see I g them at a big venue, which I don’t usually enjoy anymore.


awesome lineup - saw Ryan at my other favourite venue a while back, as part of the iTunes Festival. Superb show! and a decent glass of wine to go with it :slight_smile:


Almost recovered from last weekends Latitude festival.
No wine to report back on, some good Wherry to drink and a rhubarb cider that made a brief interlude into our cups.
Blue skies, dust and boiling temperatures made camping sweaty and it looks like we’ve spent a week by the Med.
Best line up, Liam Gallagher followed by The Vaccines and then the Killers.
Best set, James… still going strong.
Best new band, The Orielles


Saw this great Canadian band at the Louisiana in Bristol (tiny venue). Good retro style Sabbath meets Jethro Tull. Nearly a year ago, must get out more!


Ah, fantastic stuff - I really like those guys but have yet to have the pleasure live (also must get out more, evidently!).


Indeed! Never heard them live, but discovered them via a song I thought had relevance to wine buying in the UK (can’t remember if I’ve shared it here before):


Well Dr we missed each other.

We did a day on Friday and were in the tent for James, very rock god performance. There really wasnt anything else that I liked that much this year. Music wise, so mostly comedy and ballet.

Don’t envy your camping. We were caked in dust.

Did you try the Argentina Wine stall?


Ah, Russ, you’ll just have to give the 4 day weekend a go to get the full vibe. Dust… pah… there are showers available for the faint, but there’s nowt quite like living it up like Catweazle one weekend in the year. We had a cocktail break about 5 o’clock before going back in to the Charlatans, Youseff Dayes and Belle and Sebastian.
Didn’t try out the Argentina Wine stall. I wonder now that they’ve cracked the food line up whether they’ll introduce better quality beers and wines too. They did have an Aspall tent one year.

The Margarita slush down the Alcove was a wonderful way to counter the heat… real brain freeze.