Most Expensive Bottle in My Cabinet!

I’m looking after a 1982 Penfolds that will be auctioned at a charity event at the end of February. When I researched this, there appeared to be variations in the labelling. I’m wondering if anyone wine experts can enlighten me further.

Incidentally, the Eurocave is locked to ensure my curious six year old youngling doesn’t get too close!


Did you find this in your research?

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That’s really helpful information. Many thanks! Sounds like there is perhaps a range of labels out there, some of which say Hermitage and some which don’t.

The one that I noticed was different to the bottle I’m looking after was this one:

The one pictured has the Wildman reference: US distributors.

I’m not wise in the ways of labelling and it never occurred to me that bottles would be labelled differently for each market.

Not only does every market have its own labelling regulations resulting in a plethora of different labels, some markets including the UK often go for screw-top whereas the identical wine will be sold on the continent with a cork or alternative cork closure.
Waitrose sell La Vieille Ferme (and so did TWS) and La Piuma with a screw-top but I buy them in Luxembourg and France respectively with a cork (and a far lower price, EUR 4 instead of £8).

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