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Most collectible wines


Wine=a beverage! The point is to drink the stuff. When to, is a different matter. Collecting for collecting’s sake is pointless as you may be allowing a wine to go over the top of its drinking window, especially in the lighter vintages. Drink up !


Clearly not for this person…


That Auvenay’s a steal!!


Crikey. If you had all that in your cellar. Every dinner out would involve relatively disappointing wine


the reality is they didn’t ‘have’ that cellar - it was all IB.

Obviously if that’s the IB offering I would imagine they had “some” nice wines at home

but yes - buying wine in a restaurant when you have a decent mixed cellar is troublesome - I normally go with a sommeliers recommendation based on what is being eaten (and my cellar is nowhere near the one here!)


Basically because of this I hardly ever eat out in this country. Except BYO “ethnic” places when in London.

Not really a problem - save the cash for eating in Italy and Spain :slight_smile:


Yeah, I lean that way too, if there’s a sommelier and its not a BYO place. I’ve ended up buying a case after a few recommendations that turned out well. An example of a relatively recent one was Gayda Chemin de Moscou. Tasty https://www.gaydavineyards.com/en/chemin-de-moscou/chemin-de-moscou


On that note we had a tasting menu at the Fenchurch restaurant at the Sky Garden when in London recently. We went for the wine flight to go with it. One of the wines Bock Cuvee a Hungarian Bordeaux blend was very good and a complete surprise. Unfortunately getting hold of a bottle seems a little difficult.


Nice I will ask my Hungarian colleague to bring some over. I quite liked his recent https://www.vivino.com/thummerer-egri-bikaver-superior/w/1175135?price_id=19305089&year=2013