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The reason I was told back in the 1970s is that one buys two cases so that one can be drunk and the other sold to get two cases of the then current (or en primeur) vintage.

I bought a case of the 2014 Caro. It is one of the best wines I have ever bought in terms of bang for your buck. I think it was about £30 per bottle when I bought it but drinks as well as anything from Bordeaux at two or three times the price.

I saw it on a wine list recently in a restaurant at £120.


might have worked in the 70s…not so much now

guess, just have to drink two cases worth :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how quickly you can get through 2 cases if it is a wine you like and you are not the only wine drinker in the house :wink: .

I am talking about many months, or a few years, but not many wines I buy are going to fade away in that timescale, and most will improve.

The important thing is to make sure you really do like it first, and that it works with food styles you regularly eat.


Tom, as our resident Thalabert expert, what are your thoughts on the 2014. I am at a Jaboulet Aine tasting tonight and it is on the list of wines we will be having.

“gaining the opportunity to drink a given wine at a time of your choosing”…

Yep :slightly_smiling_face:

Except in reality, of course, that time never arrives. Or at least you die first :smile:

You’ll have to tell me, not tried it yet! It seems ever so young. I’m still greatly enjoying my 1999s.

Jealous of the tasting though, where is it?

Didn’t Thalabert go way off course (along with Jaboulet in general) about mid 90s? Have great memories of the 83 and the 90 but haven’t had one for years now.

Generally it’s said that Jaboulet were in the “doldrums” from that point to when Caroline Frey took over in 2006. Can’t say I’ve had enough experience to offer an educated opinion on this though and Thalabert always seems to be lovely to me.


That’s what they say. I’ve had the 95 recently and it was fine. 99 delicious. 2003 was fabulous, still good but getting on a bit. Every vintage since 2005 is in reserves, so I need to get on with trying some out, but I like them with bottle age.

It seems not to affect Thalabert but certainly early 2000s la chapelles appear fairly unloved judging by their brokerage prices

It’s at a hotel in Jersey called greenhills

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Here is the line up if any of you are interested.


Looks delightful, please report back!

I keep thinking I have some Les Cyprès in reserves but turns out I have only ever bought a case of 2011, and they are all long gone. No notes anywhere either.

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Still very “live” report but for me the petit chapelle before you even taste it shows its quality, that aside the Thalabert was very good and was both mine and my friends wives favourite of the night (and they are not big red wine drinkers) of the wines price Vs quality it would probably also be my pick, it can and will get better but it is still very approachable now. I certainly would think about opening a bottle in the next few, maybe 3-5 years. As an aside it is being sold at a “discounted” price of 32 a bottle tonight but is available on the WS at 25 so a good advert for the society.

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which vintage was that?

2012 vintage

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I had a case of the 2012 cypres and was thought it was very good - balanced and approachable, a wine you could take anywhere and would be appreciated

Think I picked up a bottle of the 2012 Petite Chapelle as a bin end from the showroom a little while back…how was it drinking?

It was drinking nicely, we had it as the last wine of the night with the cheese. It is definitely drinkable now but it is no rush at the same time.

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