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More divergent reviews…




Strange that review unless he just had a bad bottle. I’ve not tried that actual wine but I have tried the Chateau Le Clos du Notaire (in fact I have one due to be opened before too much longer) and that certainly bears no resemblance to that review and I can’t imagine there being that big a difference between the two wines.


Can you search for all reviews by a reviewer? Reviewer names don’t seem to be clickable.


That review describes exactly what I would expect a borderline-corked bottle to taste like. (By borderline I mean a cork contaminated enough to affect the wine but not enough to be able to smell the TCA outright).

Typically all the body and aroma gets stripped, leaving the bare structure.


Think cannot but would be extremely useful to help build up a contributor taste profile would it not


Clearly corked. I wonder how many bad wines are just corked?


I also think the reviewer’s wine was corked or faulty in some way. Having tried, and loved, the other wine made by this producer, it seems unfeasible that there will be such divergence in style and quality.

I often think that when a wine gets such extremely different reviews, the poor ones are often to do with a faulty wine. Might be wrong, of course.