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More "Curry" Matching


I am currently restocking my paste jars ahead of the weekend when, as well as celebrating St.Patricks day & an Irish Grand Slam :rofl:, will be cooking for 6 adults a couple of different curries of varying heat levels.
Now we all know beer goes well as does the Pinot Gris I have in the garage ,BUT, I know a couple at least will be after red wine :grimacing:! What would you suggest? Something very aromatic? Like a petit Verdot blend? Of something light like a St. Nicolas de Bourgueil? (There was one in the site but it’s gone now) or a sparkling red ? What do you think ?


Society’s Exhibition Chilean Merlot perhaps?


Do you think it may be too full bodied ??


A lot will depend on the curry you choose to make… I think the merlot would be a good match with a tomato based curry. I am just speculating as have not tried with a curry…


Probably a beef madras and chicken tikka masala , I’ll order some of the merlot anyway, thanks @szaki1974


I suppose it depends upon whether or not you want a wine that will ‘stand up to’ a curry or one that will ‘complement’ it. Not saying that your cooking needs standing up to I hasten to add!! Malbec maybe with the beef?


@JonM1978, I am the self proclaimed “curry queen” :rofl::rofl:, preferably something to “complement” the curries and not too high acidity levels as this will just intensify the heat .


Haha! Frankly, I suspect your picks on this will be better than mine. If I’m in a restaurant, I tend to go for the standard and rather dull ‘a large Cobra please’…


It just so happens today I was editing a wine note and discovered this Spanish red is quite good with curry - I’m guessing because it’s juicy enough to cut through the spice with some sweet fruit?

I normally fall to zinfandel or shiraz as my go-to curry red recommendations, particularly lamb or beef curries! Maybe Grant Burge Benchmark Shiraz because it’s so ridiculously crowd-pleasing?

Let us know how it goes with whatever you choose… :smiley:


Ooh great, thanks @laura, I’ll have a look at these also :+1:.


I was going to suggest a dolcetto but I didn’t consider this:

So maybe not!

How about a softer, more fruit-driven, lower-acid style of pinot - Chilean maybe…?


Ooh hadn’t thought of that :wink::+1:!


I would also suggest a fruity Pinot Noir, or perhaps a Carménère? In my experience, though, fruity white or rosé work best. Maybe they will compromise on a rosé? :thinking:


How about a few drops of red food colouring in that pinot gris of yours :wink:


Love a curry too, and do occasionally go with the red. Something with a bit of fruit and sweetness works for me , for example:


I have found that curry and Rosé work well together, so you could find one of the more full-bodied style of rosé / lighter body red might work.

Might be worth trying something like a Brachetto ?


I agree with the Costieres match…I bought some Chateau Guiot last September, 13.5!!! Not quite hefty enough for my Madras…the ideal match would have been something like a Grande Cassagne @ 14…


I agree , curry and Rosé have always been one of my favourite food/wine pairings. I also think @Inbar’s carménère could work well too. Good call on the Brachetto too , or maybe a sparkling Brachetto :wink:


Oh yes! I bet Brachetto d’Aqui would work really well! :+1: not much of a hangover after, either! :grin:


I do like a sparkling red :rofl: