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Montlouis sur Loire

Evening good people of TWS forum.

Does anyone know if you can buy wine at Jacky Blots Taile aux Loups base in Montlouis?

If not, any other suggestions for purchasing a case of something tasty. Vouvray or Montlouis.

(I’ve got Chidaines ‘La Cave Insolite’ on the list already).


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if I read correctly - you mean purchasing at the cellar door ?

Ive purchased fro Domaine Freslier a couple of times - I like their Moelleux

edit - also noticed…you must be called JamesG to reply next :rofl:


Sorry to mess thing up, I’m a James B :scream:

What are you planning? A little stop-off?

ok - we can go with must be called James

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This reminds me of the episode concerning the name Charles in Four weddings and a Funeral.

By appointment only it seems:


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Following a recommendation in another thread I’ve recently started using/reading https://www.thewinedoctor.com/ which I find excellent for Loire enthusiasts (the website can be a little overwhelming if you are in a hurry to find something quickly); not sure what is not behind the paywall but its pretty cheap and monthly subscriptions are available.

Personally I’ve really enjoyed the wines of Vincent Careme offered over the last few years by TWS.


Agreed…might even have been my recommendation ???

Chris has put most behind paywall in this updated version of the website…I dont blame him personally as, as you say, its pretty cheap and he is (IMHO) very good on the loire…a months subscription would be well spent on prep for a holiday there

Ideally, as we’ll be giong to La Cave Insolite as well (if I get my way…).

We’ve got a long drive ahead of us, wo won’t be able to taste much - so I was looking for some confidence in random purchases - supported by trusted recommendations…

Thanks for suggestions so far - Vincent Careme - interesting.

I am told it is relatively easy to get a tasting if you arrange in advance, but there will be an expectation that you buy a reasonable amount. So I guess it must be possible to buy a random selection if you tell them in advance… also advisable to check if they have stock as it is not a shop.

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Justerini have a full range of his wines.
I would also encourage you to try his reds especially Mi-Pente.

Although not in the same league (or price, of course) as Blot or Chidaine, I think Domaine de Cray are worth a look, both sec & Moelleux. Available in the supermarkets too.

Yes, you can buy at Jacky B’s. At least my parents have done a few times, though admittedly not for some years now.

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It used to be a case of “just turn up”. But one year when I did that I found they were closed - no notice as to why, but these things happen. I see from the link above that they now recommend prior advice (“sur rendezvous”) which seems safer.

Jacky Blot has 2 addresses and yes you can get a tasting and buy at the Montlouis address. Just ring up and fix a time & date convenient to you and them. I was there 2 summers ago and went through tasting their full range. I was however not that impressed on that occasion although I have bought from Jacky Blot before. Maybe it was just the vintage. Their best I thought was the ‘champagne’ style Triple Zero which I did get a case of. There is a pushy woman there (!) manning the tastings who will speak good English if forced to, albeit it wasn’t too much a problem for us as my wife speaks fluent French. I feel Jacky Boots has probably grown a little too big for his shoes in recent years and is resting on his laurels. The tasting receptionist at least projects that impression onto the visitor…

The best producer in Montlouis in my opinion is Franck Breton at Saint Martin le Beau. I am afraid he only speaks French but is a modest and unassuming chap although his wines are very good indeed.

And while you are in the area, aim to visit Restaurant La Boulaye between Chandon and Vallet, Athee s-Cher. Delightful place and food on the S bank of the Cher beside the riverside walk and cycle path. This is actually where I discovered the wines of M.Breton. Wine lists of (good) local restaurants are often the place to discover who all the good vignerons are. Monsieur Le patron has already done all the hard work for you…!

As mentioned in a prior post, Vincent Careme of Vouvray (actually at Vernou sur Brenne) is also a ‘must-visit’. Wines are excellent and rival those of Huet, also in the same village, but at 2/3 the price of Huet. Actually if you ask at Huet who else one should visit, they actually point you to Careme.

Whilst on the topic it seems a crying shame and glaring defect of TWS that they don’t have any decent Vouvray or indeed ANY Vouvray at all except those of Huet – but these priced at £50 to £250 a bottle, is not something for drinking once a week or even once a month!


TWS used to have some dry Domaine Cady Coteaux du Layon as well as the sweet, but these also seem to have disappeared.

An interesting comment, @eugene. I hadn’t really noticed it until you mentioned it, but taking a look at the list at present, there is a distinct lack of mid-Loire dry chenins in the mid-price range. There are a couple of Saumurs that could be interesting, and a single dry Vouvray that didn’t do anything for its sole reviewer, but no quality dry Vouvray, Montlouis, Savennieres etc. etc. excepting the historic Huets, which are good to see available.

But the list does run out of stock at times. It’s been better in the past and I’m sure it will get replenished in due course.

On Jacky Blot, I hadn’t noticed any fall-off in quality myself, but I have only recently bought through the usual retail UK sources. As you say, it may have been a vintage effect, and that the trade didn’t buy.

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Thanks for all the advice above. I was staying pretty close so decided to call in at Franck Breton’s place and picked up a mixed case of various styles of Chenin and didn’t regret a bottle, even managed to bring a few home.
@eugene - you were right, he’s a lovely chap, my French marginally better than his English, but we got on ok and I spent far longer there than I should have, upsetting Mrs B and delaying the next stage of our departure by 3/4 of an hour.

The drys were very different propositions - The Caillasses grown on limestone, and the Coulees des Muid on clay then 25% aged in oak. There was also a Demi-sec, delicious but don’t remember what it was called. Very glad to have at least one of everything remaining.


I’d love for the society to offer Jacky blot wines En primeur!


Wonderful! I am glad you managed to visit him.
I fully agree all his wines are good, albeit my favourite is the Caillasses, possibly because I also drink a lot of Chablis and the clean, sharp and ‘mineral’, but yet rich, style of his Caillasses appeals to my taste.

I think chenin is an excellent grape capable of very complex wines but I have the impression it is just not appreciated enough in Britain.