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Mixed case

Hi , going passed Stevenage tomorrow, can anyone recommend a couple of mixed cases that they have experienced suitable for summer drinking. Happy to venture off the beaten track. Reference latest newsletter.thanks in anticipation


I think you are too late to order a case but the staff in the shop are knowledgeable and helpful. If you explain what you want they will be able to help you make a good selection at the appropriate budget level.

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Thanks, I was hoping they could put together the case whilst there

What would be your ideal average bottle price?

Hi £10 on average

Here are a few. Don’t judge me!

All delicious and great if we get a little sunshine. That sherry is the best value bottle TWS sell in my opinion


Wow thanks, your in the wrong job, you should be clairvoyant. I have friends for dinner Saturday and along with a full Greek meze I’m cooking 24 hr marinated Lamb Kleftico. The wines are sure to complement and a chilled sherry to start.
Marvelous and thanks for taking the time to reply


I’d add a few wines in that price range worth trying….don’t forget some of the wines won’t be available in the shop because of limited stock/space. There will still be plenty to choose from in your price range, particularly the Society labels…all should be available.


Thanks some of those will win a place

Nothing I’d argue with recommended above. A couple to add:

Happy hunting!


A few more for you. All reds but highly recommended.


Have you tried the Rose? I love Navarran rose and if it’s even remotely that colour then I’m excited.

Also Blau Montsant is yes.


The Sarria is great, can’t get over the price of it. I had it last summer, loved it and bought more this year. The colour is incredible, found the photo from last summer


That’s me sold.

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I don’t think this was aimed at me, but I’m a fan of more robust, Garnacha-based rose. Far better with food than the cliched provencal blush.


Thanks Guys could be a long afternoon in the shop with a seriously dented debit card


You’ve already got a lot of great recommendations there but can’t resist adding a couple:

Not sure the Marcillac qualifies as a summer wine tbh it’s more one for autumnal stews but I love it and will recommend it at any opportunity. And the Saumur is arguably* the best pink fizz, or at least the best value, TWS does.

Always worth taking a look at the fine wine bin ends in case you can be tempted into giving your credit card an even bigger beating…


*ie in my opinion


This has turned into a very handy thread. I’ve tended to default to supermarket for weekday drinking recently, but there are a few great looking recommendations here that I need to try.


Great thread, I wonder how it might compare to the “Wine Champions” list.
@Ventoux . What did you go for?

That Saumur rose is such good stuff - lovely fresh berries, great mousse. It just screams “stick me in a picnic hamper”. It should be illegal to drink it unless you are stood or sitting on grass. The perfect summer drink (and I normally think that sticking bubbles in wine is a good way of ruining it).