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Mitravelas 'Red on Black' Agiorgitiko 2020

Just received one and looking at the drink dates and the note -they seem a loittel conservative? I wonder if Matthew has any advice on the advics from the producer for when he thinks its ready to go. Comments like “drink now” from the producer will be ignored… :slight_smile: as rhey aways say that as they need the cash flow! Does St. George (sic) possess the aging ability or is it a “gluggable red” ?


I don’t know, as an honest answer, as I’ve not had this particular one I don’t think; however, I used to drink a lot of Nemea Agiorgitiko in Greece, and some of them can go on for decades. Almost to Xinomavro levels. This one in particular is a terrific wine - Papaioannou Agiorgitiko Microclima.

Some though should be drunk quickly; or not drunk at all!

This for me isn’t a wine to age - its joy is in its primary fruit and is really intended for drinking within a few years (i’m sure the winery would back me up on this). If you’re looking for one to age longer than we also have their ‘Ktima Agiorgitiko 2019’ which is a much more structured wine. For this i’ve said ‘until 2027’ but will probably go longer.


Top stuff Matthew. Thanks so much. I have really enjoyed the Greek stuff you have bought - big Kudos to your palate for the xinamavro choices and I shall be following your palate for, I hope years to come :slight_smile: The Zooms are coming along well too!


Agree Agiorgitiko is often nice to drink young - I don’t think it’s similar to Xinomavro really; it’s soft, fruity, medium bodied and structured on the whole - yes there are exceptions like cru-BJs. In Nemea and Sparta you get sold previous year or twos’ vintages as a rule. TWS’s Mitravelas is lovely now and I don’t think it will “improve” much with long term keeping.

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Bizios make some age worthy wines from Agiorgitiko in Nemea. Also had some old vine Agiorgitiko from La Tour Melas that counts as an exception.


So, Ive had the “Red on Black” open for 2 days:

Day 1: - Tasting sample : Read note for the wine from MH. Decided that MHs tasting note was spot on. However… my note reads: Lightly fruited, inelegant, headache inducing, Carbonic maceration smells. Fruited with no length and no real structural intensity . All forward fruit of not particuarly decent quality, A BBQ wine. Wine in the fridge, re-corked an left for atsting the next day just in case it was me.

Day2: Unchanged. similar notes of headache inducing CM, Really not enjoyable and Im now wondering if this is an odd bottle. Best described as “a wine to laid down and avoided” Its gone for cooking.

Conclusion: Its an entry level simple wine best chilled down heavily to avoid the CM smells. Note to self: Buy a more expensive one to really see what the grape does !

This is the first “Fail” in the Greek case for me.

Have come to conclusion that Thymiopolos rocks. :slight_smile:

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Ohhhh I have this in the rack! :heart_eyes: I’ll definitely be opening this over the weekend. Do you have any suggestion for decanting please?

I had a previous vintage (2019?) which I liked but thought is was a bit ‘odd’ - as in different, unusual, rather than ‘bad’. And more tannic than you might expect. Still, I’ve ended up buying the most recent vintage.

By the sounds of it decanting down the sink is the best idea :rofl:. In all seriousness I don’t think it needs decanting. Just serve lightly chilled with some cured meats and enjoy!


Yep, Dont decant! Pop in the Frige for 15 mins then dive in with some cured meat (a la young Bojo concept) . voila.

Ohhhhh wow. The ktima was excellent, i mean really excellent! Fabulous juicy fruit, satisfying tannins, refreshing acid, brooding darkness, appropriate punch ftom the abv, rich oak and was just 13.50! You could’ve said that was a decent priced ribera del duero and i wouldn’t have blinked! Chapeau, sir!