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Missing wines of Freycinet


I notice that all the Tasmanian wine from Freycinet Vineyards has disappeared from stock. As a big fan of their wines and Tassie wine in general I hope it’s because all the members have fallen in love with it and bought the whole stock out.

However, knowing a bit about their history and the legal stuff with a certain Sparkling Wine house of the same name but different spelling I hope naming issues haven’t raised their heads again. I also hope I’m not sounding like a conspiracy theorist!

I hope it’s the former as it’s great to find this wine over here especially as in the latest Langtons Classification their Pinot Noir has been ranked as Excellent. Finger’s crossed more of their wine is on it’s way and even perhaps their Pinot Noir which in the past TWS have sold.


The Exhibition Tasmanian Chardonnay has returned!


Agreed this is a lovely wine , I’ll be stocking back up as only have one left :wink: