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Missing links to mystery wines?

I’ve recently joined this community and have been trying to catch up on many discussions. I notice that when referring to wines, or trying to give examples of wines, people often post links to the WS listing. When I click on the links I often get a page saying out of stock, or no longer available, so it’s impossible to know which wines they were talking about. It’s a bit frustrating and makes the discussion a lot less meaningful.
Is there a way I can find the name of the missing wines?

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I see what you mean, that is quite a big issue. I hope @robert_mcintosh will find a way to fix it. Would be good if he box kept the wines’ name…

Yes, it is a small technical issue when a wine goes out of stock and moves to a new vintage.

I’m trying to fix this, but because of the way products are listed on the site it is a manual intervention at the moment. I will go through the site tomorrow to fix what I can, but if you see one feel free to flag it (click the flag and choose ‘other reason’) and I’ll see what I can do


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OK, back on my computer so can explain a little bit more, and maybe ask for your help.

First, the problem.

In the past, ‘live’ wines on the site would be published on a dynamic page called:


The product code that followed determined the details of the wine you would see. Such as:


When that product was no longer available, it would be removed from the site so the relevant page / link did not show out of date information and therefore confuse potential customers.

What happens is that the archive is kept, but is moved to a NEW page, e.g.:


This worked fine until we had ONGOING conversations about wines that were no longer live, but were live at the time of the thread.

I am working with the wonderful Mr @Justin to see what we can do with the site to avoid this complication, and maybe add in some extra value such as follow-on vintage suggestions, alternative suggestions, or “if you liked this, you’ll like that” links instead. This could take a while!

For the time being, I can manually edit the page address in the links that have been shared here so you can read the archived information on each wine, but our links here will advise you that it is no longer available

Unfortunately, this is a manual process, so …


If you find a link that looks like this:

please do the following:

on that post, click on the … button under the post (next to the reply button) and click on the ‘flag’

Click on the last option “It’s Something Else” and say something like “Out of date link”.

It will send me a message to check the link and edit the post to correct the URL. That way we can see more information even of the original wine is no longer available.



Thanks to @Andy999 and @szaki1974 for flagging posts - all these wines are now fixed - seems the system works well