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Missing a wine?

Hi all,

Although The Wine Society has a massive range which includes a fairly comprehensive mix of regions and styles as well as formats ranging from bag in box to jeroboams, there are still a few instances where I have thought to myself 'I wish The Wine Society sold…".

There are various reasons why a wine might be missing from the range, sometimes the vintage isn’t up to par with previous or there are limited stocks of certain wines so its only put in a spotlight or there simply isn’t enough demand. The Wine Society does however stock quite a few rarer wines such as some of the Jura wines as well as smaller wine producing regions such as Canada and Moldova to name but a few.

Have you had any thoughts when looking through the range of wines and thought ‘I wish The Wine Society sold that’?

For me there are a few:

White Port - I had a white Port and tonic when I was over in the Douro, such a nice refreshing summer drink akin to a G&T alas its not that common in the UK
Sekt - German sparkling wine, much like Prosecco its easy drinking, I haven’t managed to get a bottle of it yet as I think its mainly kept within the country
Sake - Much like Sherry its quite an acquired taste but might be great to have the ability to purchase some ‘benchmark’ Sake as a way of trying a new style of wine.

Interesting to see what others think about this.


Easily the best range in the country, covering most bases, the collective knowledge and taste of the buying team is second to none in my opinion. Of the top of my head…

Hungary, at the moment only one Tokaji and a one red. Lots of wonderful new wave producers making wine from unique varietals in all styles. Egri Bikaver, Yufark, dry Furmints etc…
Austrian range is great for Gruner Veltliner, but there is a lot more to Austrian wine, surprised that there is no sweet wines as they are often fun and not always too expensive. Ruster Ausbruch, Styrian wines, even nice Syrahs!
Château Belá Riesling from Slovakia (Egon Muller) is rather good as well

Canadian Ice Wine? Wine from the Canaries and the Balearics?

Nothing glaringly obvious though, a good range across the price spectrum and the world!


More interesting US wine please…more from Santa Rita and especially Washington State!!!


and more from Western Australia please…

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I drank this (I think it was the previous vintage) which I bought from VinCognito last year and absolutely loved it:


Its not cheap by any means but lived up to the billing. It certainly made me want to try more from Tenerife.


Ooh I’m off to Tenerife :mountain: in a couple of weeks so will have to keep an eye out for this and anything else that would be a welcome relief to good old Don Simon Sangria :joy: It sounds lush, I quite like a minerally flavour in whites :clinking_glasses:


El Grifo wines from Lanzarote are worth looking out for as well.


Fino or Manzanilla in a half bottle format. We (myself and my wife) rarely have more than a couple of small glasses each as an aperitif, so it’s often not worth opening a full-size bottle.


I’ll second Hungary… especially Juhfark and the reds that do not get out of the country much.


I have always been surprised that TWS doesn’t sell more Amarone (even for limited time periods). There is one bottle on sale and it hasn’t changed since I’ve been a member. As the Ripasso is so popular I would have imagined TWS members would be into a bit of Amarone. Otherwise I can’t fault list!

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I would also love to see more Amarone and Barolo :slight_smile:

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I’d definitely second White Port as a much-needed addition to the Society’s list. Cool, crisp and slightly sweet, it somehow hits the spot just a touch better than a sherry as an aperitif.

I’d also say that a Priorat (or Priorato) would be a fine addition to the society’s list; the bold, rich savouriness makes it an irresistible style of wine for winter evenings by the fire or after dinner with dark chocolate, though it can be ruinously expensive!


There are a couple on the latest Fine Wine List…

Indeed there are - thank you for pointing that out!

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I also just had the good fortune to taste this one in stock with TWS. A very very good example…

I agree with the request for halves of sherry, and I’d like more halves of all kinds as well.


We discovered a great white Merlot this Summer - but the only UK source we have found is a low price range Italian offer from Tesco.

the only quality ones I know about are from Ticino (the Italian area of Switzerland). Not sure I’ve seen any from anywhere else unfortunately. I don’t think The Society has one in the Swiss wine range.

Where were you on holiday?

Chateau du Lac, S of Brussels, Belgium!

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Echoing another thread, I’d like a place to purchase more qveri and orange wines. I’d definitely like to see more wines from the Jura on TWS list. However, that’s starting to veer into niche interests and getting close to ‘natural wine’ territory, and that’s arguably better served in specialist shops.

I will say that I purchase probably 95% of my drinking wines from TWS and maybe 40% of the wines I lay down.

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