Mirabeau Rosé

Hi I’m fairly new to this wonderful community and slightly embarrassed to say have come very late to the party of Rosé.

Tonight I have experienced the 2019 Mirabeau Pure Rosé and it was a revelation, I believe we got it from Waitrose for £11 or £12 a while ago and we had it with a pork dish from the new Pinch of Nom book, which I highly recommend as well. Both the dish and wine were delicious. This is certainly my favourite Rosé. If any of you know of similar Rosés I would like to hear of your experiences and recommendations. Many thanks


I gave up Tempier as it got too expensive. Have now enjoyed Domaine de Triennes. The JV of two top Burgundian growers. Top stuff at about £11.50
Don’t be tempted by the sugary junk made by vacuous celebrities like Miravel or whatever it is


Thank you Andrew I shall look out for the Domaine de Triennes.

You want to look for Provence Rose, and idellay drink it young. You’ll see more around over the summer both on TWS and other merchants / supermarkets.

My absolute favourite is Chateau Léoube which the Society have stocked before, although only the cheaper one when the one for just a few £ more a bottle is vastly superior. Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel is pretty famous and prices have shot up, it’s good but not worth full price but if you see it on offer worth a go. M&S and Waitrose stock Miraval from Branjelinas vienyard’s if that floats your boat. Chateau de Galoupet from the Society is a good wine at a more realistic price.


Did Léoube make the “Petit Rosé tout simple” that TWS stocked a few years ago? That was a lovely bottle at a great price. I also really like the Duo des Plages, not Provence but every bit as good as something from further east and double the price.


Say no more


Although I prefer the much paler stuff along the lines of gris de gris, that Maby is currently in my basket whilst I agonize over how much I am going to spend on the Rhone EP.


On the W/S list at the moment I’d recommend trying this:

Much, much better example of a Provence rose than the pretentious and mediocre Miraval. You may enjoy some of the Corsican pinks which are not dissimilar to Provence examples. In terms of value, I’d look at some of the Italian pinks on the list, full of flavour and character, but quite different to most French pinks.

The Pataille Marsannay Rose is a superb pink Burgundy, more like a pale red and not cheap, but something everyone who loves wine should try at least once!


Yep - wish they’d stocked it last couple of years

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Thank you Aaron, I’ll look out for deals on the Chateau Léoube and Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel.

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Keep an eye out for pink Rioja too. There’s a Muga Rosado that is terrific value (£9.50), and I suspect the 2020 vintage will be along shortly.



Do not overlook Maquina y Tabla who make a tremendous rosé

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Thanks Martyn, Muga Rosado 2020 has been added to my list along with these other great suggestions, which is increasing with every minute.


Dear Mr Fensome
I hope that you have found some good suggestions. Welcome to the site. I hope that the lively discussions bring you some new thoughts on wine
Best wishes

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Another vote for Corsican pink here! :+1:

Love this one:

First tried three or so years ago, at a Society lunch in Stevenage. Them were happy days…


Many thanks I’ll take a look🙂

Many thanks Nick I’ll take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

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We had a few rosés last year outside whilst enjoying the remains of the day. My top pick was Mirabeau’s Etoile which I picked up on offer at Sainsbury’s for (I think) about the same price as the Pure (normally a couple of quid more). It’s pitched as more of a ‘food wine’ but I’m sure we just enjoyed it on its own and it was lovely and will def buy some again when I see it on offer.



I think my favourite Rosé ever is Chateau de Bregancon, which is very close to Léoube, unfortunately it seems quite hard to find in the UK and I think I’ve only ever bought it direct from the domaine whilst on holiday.

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Ch Barbebelle (Provence) is very good, also a second vote for rose Rioja - I had a few lovely examples last year, I remember Lalomba as being particularly nice.