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Mile high club - reporting on airline wine


Stuck in a cigar tube for hours means the only thing I imbibe is Mogadon…


London bound in BA lounge in Singapore. Surprised by some Bordeaux bottles, thought it wasn’t en vogue.

I think smooth is the word for both wines.



Au contraire !


Bordeaux was my first love and it’s a rare week I go without. So after a month in South Africa where I drank only wonderful Cape wines I was delighted to be served these two on BA on the way home.

I started with Champagne but switched to Camel Valley Brut (from Cornwall) which I preferred before moving to the claret with the main course and the Sauternes with dessert and after.


They say that of the 787, I flew to Tokyo on one recently and couldn’t tell the difference. In fact it was annoyingly more noisy than the Airbus or even a 777.
Also remember they drop the cabin pressure about 1/3 of a bar so you are depressurised for a long period which has various effects.
I once worked for 4 days on Australian time (ie nights) rather than actually go there and in both directions the jet lag was minimal - so sitting on a plane is as large a part as the time change.


I find I can no longer drink on flights - the turning point was perhaps 4 or 5 years ago when I reached my mid-40s - however good the wine list I find its just not worth the headache, dehydration and general ill effect, even at very small quantities compared to what I can drink at normal pressure and altitude.

I always try to taste what’s on offer in the BA lounge at T5 and have made one or two discoveries that way, notably Charles Joguet’s Chinons…