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Mike's Garlic Mashed Tatties



Mike’s Garlic Mashed Tatties

This is really loose on quantities increase or decrease according to taste or waistline or omit according to taste!

Ingredients are per serving (and I like a moderately generous serving)

150-200g Potatoes (floury style potatoes are best so not your Charlottes)30-50g Cheese of your choice (or omit - I don’t always make with cheese)
15-25g Butter (this is just a guess - to me it’s just a lump!)
3-4 tbsp. Milk or, better, cream or crème fraiche
1 Clove garlic - crushed is my preference but chopped grated or whatever you prefer.
Pinch Mixed herbs


  1. Cook potatoes to crumbly texture (I steam 25 minutes). Note with new potatoes I just scrub them, with older potatoes I peel them.
  2. Meanwhile GENTLY fry the garlic in the butter until it is soft but NOT browned.
  3. Add the herbs cheese and milk and heat until cheese melts. Note I’m really not sure exactly how much milk/cream/crème fraiche I actually add; I just slop some in, remembering it’s much easier to add a bit more if it’s too dry than to remove some if it’s too wet! If it’s still a while until potatoes are done leave it and heat it up again just before adding the potatoes.
  4. Add potatoes and mash - I sometimes add black pepper but never add salt (not needed with the garlic).

Simple but lovely. I had almost stopped making mash until I started doing this!

A wee note on the garlic. I use my own homegrown garlic which is a hardneck garlic whereas the garlic you get in supermarkets is pretty much always softneck. There is a difference but online I see it argued that hard is stronger than soft some places and elsewhere that soft is stronger than hard! I personally think hardneck is a little less intense but better flavour. However one of my hardneck garlic cloves is at least twice the size of supermarket garlic cloves, so maybe a little experimentation required. I’d try it with just one first :smiley:

Recipes for wine lovers - WIKI
Recipes for wine lovers - WIKI

I love the sound of this! And now I want to grow my own garlic…

What kind of cheese do you usually use? :smiley:


I usually just use cheddar but I imagine any cheese that will melt and combine with the potato would be fine.

Incidentally I do a similar but even simpler thing with Spinach. Gently fry some crushed garlic in butter then add the spinich and keep stirring it about until it’s wilted. First had that in a small restaurant on the shores of Lake Como many years ago.

As you can see I’m a bit of a garlic fanatic! :smiley: