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Midweek drinks thread 1st - 4th November 2021

I was so bushed yesterday I only managed a couple of glasses of this before giving up and having an early night. As it feels like I’ve some units in the alcohol bank to play with and it’s only 7.5% ABV I’m not feeling particularly guilty about polishing it off tonight on what would normally be an AFD…

…as fresh as a daisy on the palate, a bit like liquid sherbet, and a hint of development on the nose with its faint whiff of parrafin wax. Light and ethereal but full of flavour and character, it’s a lovely wine for the money.

Looking back, TWS originally listed it at the end of 2016 when it was £16. Five years later it was £17. Which makes me question why bother putting wines like this in reserves in the first place !


We seem to be on a nice roll of lovely wines at the moment, and this one is no exception:

Old bush vines Cinsaut from Darling Cellars, the vines planted in 1978 according to the label. A limited release wine, apparently (only 6289 bottles made), the wine was matured in second and third use French and American oak.

In the glass – a much more intense colour than one would expect from a Cinsau(l)t, and the nose is floral (violets), fruity (bramble, cherries, blackcurrants) and herbal (dried thyme maybe?).

On the palate – wow! This is complex and rather intense, and there’s real concentration of flavour here. Fruit is mostly sour cherries and bramble, and the savoury/herbal dimension is positively appetising. There’s a very delicate – barely noticeable – note of vanilla and the finish leaves a tingling medicinal note. Acidity is bright and tannins barely there, and somewhat earthy.

A fantastic composition, which will accompany Swedish meatballs in cream sauce with mash and lingonberry jam. Jättebra, as the Swedes say! :ok_hand::grinning:



After a long day looking after the three year old grandson Mrs C declared this one to be “too easy to drink.”


Venison stew tonight with some earthy beets and red cabbage. Decided to open this newly arrived Crozes Hermitage from the 2018 vintage. Still very young but ripe and rich.

Very deep red, opaque. Violet, purple rim. Medium nose. Ripe black currant, bramble and strawberry. Black plum. Notes of vanilla. Rich palate. Medium acidity. Firm tannins. Dry. Black currant, bramble, raspberry. Strawberry and plum. Hint of tabacco and dark chocolate. Some blueberry. Medium plus finish.


On holiday this week. Been feeling a bit under the weather and didn’t touch a drop on Saturday and only a beer and JW black label at a wedding on Sunday so feel a bit of a wine-filled week coming on after regaining my nostrils.

I also did my final diploma exams on Thursday/Friday last week and having seen the list of wines from Friday’s blind tasting I’m feeling ok about things. The theory from Thursday however may be another story…

So after travelling back from the wedding yesterday we wanted something easy, soft and fruit forward.
This hit the spot:

Tonight, beef stroganoff and an old favourite. Gee whiz this is good. Just lip smackingly tasty.



Ever reliable new wave Australian Chardonnay, nice well judged oak, lots of freshness and just 12.5% alcohol. Lots of uncomplicated pleasure!


Fingers crossed for the results


:crossed_fingers:for the results @winechief


We were away this weekend so treated ourselves to a roast chook tonight with this Chardonnay…

I enjoyed it, stone fruits and citrus with a restrained oak finish, although this lead to a tad astringent aftertaste also .

Mrs adb’s view was not a rebuy. :crossed_fingers:the Exhibition Limari Chardonnay works next time


Fingers crossed you get good results, @winechief! :pray:


Good luck with your results. I am sure you will be fine.


Finished the last glass of this Exhibition Albarino. Pleasant enough but didn’t wow me - a bit too savoury/saline perhaps.

Then felt I deserved a glass of something else, so cracked a recent purchase - the Domaine Belle Crozes which appeared on the list recently. I know several Community members have been let down having tried to order this so I feel bad about being critical, but it’s a bit too oaky, rich and fruity for my taste in Crozes. I preferred both the Exhibition Crozes 2015 and the Ferraton La Matinière 2016 for similar money.

Plenty left for tomorrow so will report back.



Opened a bottle of José de Sousa, Alentejano 2017 last night (sorry no photo) which was lovely but not, I would humbly suggest, “for the adventurous” as the TWS blurb suggests. Rather it is a very easy drinking, fresh wine that slips down all too smoothly. I wonder if that’s partially down to it’s being a little chilled due, once again, to the current natural ambient temperature in my caravan prior to my return in the evening! However I felt that chilled suited this one very well. Plenty of fruit and quite spicy it really is a very nice glass of wine.

Note my first bottle of this wine was at an online TWS community tasting back in 2019 after which I immediately ordered another bottle. Glad I wasn’t disappointed!

Edited to change “was” to “wasn’t” in the last sentence! :scream: One of my most common typos these days seems to be to omit a negative when one was intended. I wonder what that says about me?


This may not be the right thread for this but the tasting note will follow!


This early in the morning? :joy:


Something different for a Tuesday night. Fantastic Sakes at Moto in Covent Garden.



Depends where you are in the world :sunglasses:

OK, I’ll come clean… I’m in North Nottinghamshire and it will be Thursday night before I have a snifter… but I was all excited!


First wine from a mega delivery yesterday. 2010 champagne.

Though there are bubbles it really presents as more a still wine in aroma and flavour (I suspect changing from a flute to a white/red glass will only benefit it*. The producer is quite biological (possibly biodynamic). Keeps changing in the glass.

  • Edit: it certainly did. Richer, fruitier more perfumed and with much more acidic ‘cut’. Almost worth the (current) money- though that’s not what I paid.

I guess you liked it !

Not exactly ‘no sleep till Brooklyn’, but certainly last wine till Munich:

My brain is fried, the cortisol level in my blood is higher than recommended - so an approachable, delicate and gluggable wine is what’s needed, and thankfully - what’s in the bottle too.

Made by the excellent Vignerons Ardéchois co-op (I’m yet to have a disappointing wine from them), it’s a really pleasant expression of Chardonnay. Unoaked - though I suspect there was some lees contact (nice texture, a touch of savouriness) - it’s all about the orchard fruit, the white blossom and the delicate honeyed note. A wine to perk up the burnt out and the exhausted.

Happy hump day! :clinking_glasses: